myaisd parent portal

by Prof. Estella Tillman DDS 10 min read

How do I access the AISD student portal?

As a student you login with your credentials to have access to the AISD Student Portal. There is a Portal for AUSTIN ISD staff and parents as well. Parents, Staff, and Students browse and access the portal via the same URL: Students should ask their teacher for their username and password.

How do parents access student information in Austin ISD?

In Austin ISD, parents are able to access all their student's educational information in one place: the Parent Portal! The most frequently used applications by parents are: 1. Parent Self Serve This application allows parents to access their student's attendance and grade records.

What is mysaisd Parent Portal?

Frontline Parent Portal mySAISD is now Frontline The new SAISD Parent Portal is an easy-to-use and secure communication tool that allows parents/guardians to monitor their child's progress in real time: View your child's attendance, grades, and schedule?Contact your child's teacher by e-mail?Receive alerts and notifications on your phone

How do I Register my child to return to Austin ISD?

RETURNING STUDENTS: For families registering students returning to Austin ISD, a Parent Portal account must be created before you can access the online registration system. To create a Parent Portal account, visit Note: Only parent/guardian contacts are able to use the online registration system.


Parent Self Serve

This system provides access to your child's attendance and grades. If you have more than one child enrolled in AISD, only register once to gain access to all of your children.

Student Self Serve

This system provides access to attendance and grades for all students. Students will use their district-issued user id and password to access SSS. All students who are currently enrolled in AISD are automatically setup for an SSS account.

What is Arlington ISD?

Arlington ISD offers an array of academic programs to help your child excel. Specialized programs, Gifted and Talented courses, AP, IB, special education and much more are offered so you can choose the best academic program for your child.

What grade is athletics in Arlington ISD?

Athletics. Unique to the Arlington ISD, many athletics options start in the 7th grade - and some are taught by high school coaches. If your child loves the spirit of competition, they will thrive in any of Arlington ISD's athletics programs.