mount pleasant school district parent portal

by Chelsey Kuphal 8 min read

How do I login to the Point Pleasant schools parent portal?

Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled. Click here to go to the Point Pleasant Schools' Parent Portal. Enter the username and password that was supplied to you. What information is available? After logging into the portal, parents may view their child's Attendance, Schedule, Daily grades, Report Cards and Interim information.

How do I attend Mount Pleasant School Board meetings?

Mount Pleasant School Board meetings are now held in-person and via Zoom or YouTube. The in-person meetings are held in the August Boeger Cafeteria located at 1944 Flint Ave, San Jose, CA 95148. Members of the public that wish to attend the meetings must be aware that: Public comment may be submitted electronically on line by clicking here.

When will the masking requirement end in Mount Pleasant Area School District?

The Mount Pleasant Area School District will lift the masking requirement beginning Monday, June 28, 2021. This includes any staff, visitors and students involved in school activities, summer school or camps during the summer months. Click the headline to read more.

What is the parent portal?

Parent Portal facilitates a positive free flow of communication between students, parents and teachers, giving parents real time access to student achievement data, attendance data and assignments.


What is the belief of Point Pleasant School District?

It is the belief of the Point Pleasant School District that student achievement depends upon the dynamic interaction between teachers and students as they engage in the day-to-day efforts of teaching and learning. Teachers identify learning goals, assess students’ strengths and needs, and plan instruction.

Why do parents, students and teachers have the same data access?

Parents, students and teachers all have the same data access, thus allowing for more productive parent conferencing, more awareness of student responsibility and higher expectation for achievement.

How to change password for a school district?

1. After your initial login you will be prompted to change your password. 2. In the old password box enter the password provided to you by the district then enter a new password that’s at least 5 characters long with at least 1 number. Reenter the password into the confirm box.