moulsford prep parent portal

by Lynn Boehm 5 min read

What is the Moulsford pre-school?

The Pre-School is a new venture for the school, and will be for boys and girls who have turned 3 years old. There are no plans for any other year groups in the school to be co-educational, and from Reception onwards (as now) Moulsford will focus on delivering an outstanding education for boys.

Why choose Moulsford all boys school?

Our down-to-earth all-boys school has family-focused approach and embraces the fact that boys of this age should be having fun at the same time as learning. Our goal is to engage, enthuse and inspire our boys in all that they do, encouraging boys to ‘go for it’ and be the best person they can be. A moulsford boy can be...

What is the pre-prep school?

The Pre-Prep School is the start of the journey into Moulsford. Our days are fuelled with fun and laughter!


Can a school matron track allergies?

School Matron can now track allergy and medical. Revolutionised report writing. Moulsford Prep School has never looked back. Moulsford Prep School was one of the first schools to start using iSAMS. That pioneering move has enabled significant improvements to the way the school works.

Can parents see how their children are performing on the playing field?

Parents can log into the school-branded Parent Portal and see how their children are performing on the playing field. Modules such as Registration Manager and School Reporting modules, in particular, have allowed teachers to say goodbye to time-heavy tasks and get on with teaching and learning instead.