mmguardian parent portal

by Mrs. Delfina Keebler Sr. 6 min read

What can I do with the mmguardian parent web portal?

The web portal supports remote control and reporting for the MMGuardian apps installed on Android devices as well as the app for iPhone and iPad. Use the MMGuardian Parent Web Portal to:

Which mmguardian app should I install on my child’s device?

If you have not yet installed and registered the MMGuardian app on your child’s device, please first install either the MMGuardian Parental Control app for Android phones, the MMGuardian Tablet app for Android tablets or the Parental Control app for iPhones and iPads.

Does mmguardian use child profiles?

As you might have gleaned by now, MMGuardian doesn't use child profiles — it just has different settings for every device. App management varies greatly between Android and iOS, with the iOS app able only to completely block all downloaded apps at once. (Native iOS apps remain active.)

How do I set up mmguardian on my iPhone?

I really recommend setting up MMGuardian via the app itself, as the web portal is more likely to confuse you. Your first step should be to download the "MMGuardian Parental Control App for Kids Phone" from either Google Play or the iOS App Store.


What can parents see on MMGuardian?

This includes accurate location, device lock, app block, text and drive prevention, text monitoring, call block and more. Collectively, this powerful parental control app for Android gives parents the ability to monitor and control the crucial aspects of their child's phone use.

Can MMGuardian see search history?

Web Browsing View all of your child's browsing history, how long they were browsing, and at what point in the day. In order to block websites, the web filter needs to be enabled in the Web Filter section, where you can also set limits on the types of website your child can visit (see below for details).

What can MMGuardian see?

Android– MMGuardian allows parents to view all of their child's SMS text messages, as well as chat messages from popular social media messaging apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more. Net Nanny does not offer message monitoring of any kind.

Can MMGuardian see incognito mode?

Web Filter Android– MMGuardian allow parents to view their child's browsing history. Both apps allow parents to block or allow websites based on categories or specific URLs, although MMGuardian offers a much larger number of categories. They can also both monitor most browsers, including incognito modes.

Can MMGuardian see YouTube?

Does MMGuardian monitor YouTube? If your child is using the YouTube app, you will see how long they spent on the app, but no information about what videos were watched.

How do I disable MMGuardian?

Android Settings > Applications > Apps > tap on MMGuardian > tap on 'uninstall'.

What can MMGuardian see on iPhone?

Message Monitoring View detailed reports of iMessage and SMS texts, and messages from the popular social messaging apps WhatsApp and Kik. For message monitoring to work, it is necessary to install the MMGuardian Sync App onto your own or a home computer.

How can I get my childs texts sent to my phone?

7:2820:34How to Set Up Parental Controls & Monitor Messages for iPhonesYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipClick invite people. And you can send them a text message email them or airdrop. The invitation toMoreClick invite people. And you can send them a text message email them or airdrop. The invitation to them once they click on that invitation it'll ask them a few questions.

How can I see my child's text messages?

How Can I Monitor My Child's Text Message On Android?Download and install the AirDroid parental control app on your device. You will be directed to the sign-up page. ... Download AirDroid kids on your kid's Android phone. Install and launch the app. ... AirDroid kids run in stealth mode in the background.

Which is better bark or MMGuardian?

While MMGuardian offers most of the features Bark does, it's much more limited in its abilities. For example, MMGuardian provides custom blocking for apps on Android devices only, while Bark offers this for iOS as well.

Is MMGuardian safe?

The complete solution includes detailed reports, accessible from the parent web portal, about what sites have been visited and attempts that were blocked. The MMGuardian Parental Control app is available from the Apple App Store and functions as a Safe Browser once it has been registered and set up.

Can I see my kids incognito history?

You can conveniently use DNS cache to see incognito history on Windows. But how to view incognito history on Android or iOS? That's where the third-party parental control apps come in. They not only track your child's incognito history but also help you monitor other on-screen activities of your child.

iPhone Screenshots

This is the application for a parent's iPhone and enables you to manage your MMGuardian account directly from your own iPhone, rather than logging into the secure web portal from a computer.

App Privacy

The developer, Pervasive Group Inc., indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

What apps can a child block?

Block Apps including WhatsApp, SnapChat, Instagram and PlayStore. Control which apps your child gets to use and when and set daily usage limits to preventing excessive use of social media apps or games.

Does MMguardian work with Chrome?

Web Filter can be set to work with Chrome, or the built in safe browser part of the MMGuardian app. When the MMGuardian browser is selected, MMGuardian will automatically block other popular web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Accordingly, your child must use the MMGuardian Safe Browser to browse the internet.

Can a child use MMguardian?

Accordingly, your child must use the MMGuardian Safe Browser to browse the internet. For younger children, you may wish to use the MMGuardian browser as use of that browser enables you to prevent websites from requesting the phone’s location, and to prevent downloads.

Can you enter a child's age in MMguardian?

Likewise, you never enter the child's birthdate or exact age, which is odd for a parental-control app. Instead, you pick an age range for the browser settings. As you might have gleaned by now, MMGuardian doesn't use child profiles — it just has different settings for every device.

Does MM Guardian have a variable rate?

The pricing for MMGuardian can be a little confusing, as it has variable rates depending on the device you are looking to protect. Its formerly inexpensive iOS rates have been brought into line with its Android-phone rates.

Can I get an SMS when a match is found?

They will show up in the reports, and you can opt to receive an SMS when a match is found . In 2020, MMGuardian added " Message Reports for iPhone ," a feature that delivers SMS and instant messages via a program that backs up the child's iPhone to a parent's Mac as long as the two devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Does MMguardian work on Android?

MMGuardian: Web filtering. On both Android and iOS, MMGuardian blocks the native web browser and replaces it with its own. In September 2019, MMGuardian added filtering for the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers on Android. But you will still have to block or delete any alternative browsers your child might have installed on iOS.

Is MMguardian the best parental control app?

It's not exactly one of the best parental control apps. Even if you're an Android user who wants a rich feature set, ...