midsouth foster adopt parent training portal

by Bud Terry 4 min read

How to become a foster parent?

Licensed foster parents are required to complete 30 hours of in-service training per licensure period (every two years). As of January 2015, the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition began hosting Foster/Adopt Parent Workshops. These workshops will allow you to: 1 Connect with other parents to share resources 2 Learn how a child’s prior experiences can impact their behaviors 3 Explore ways to enhance your strengths as a parent 4 Share and learn new skills to influence your child’s behaviors and attitudes 5 Discover ways to reduce the stress of parenting

What is Carleen Goddard's philosophy?

Carleen’s philosophy was that there is nothing in life that cannot be accomplished, and she wanted youth in foster care to know that–no matter what–you can succeed. Her legacy lives on in the Carleen Goddard-Mazur Training Institute, and it is our honor to carry out this work in her memory.

What is TAC in adoption?

Created by the Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.) in 2009, The Training for Adoption Competency (TAC) is a comprehensive, evidence-informed post-Master’s training program for mental health professionals that is available nationwide.

What is TAC training?

TAC is the most rigorously evaluated competency-based training curriculum available; it earns consistently high ratings of quality and relevance. TAC students master knowledge, values and skills in 18 domains critical to adoption-competent mental health services.

Who were Carleen's foster parents?

Carleen grew up with her foster parents, “Ma and Pa.”. Carleen had an indomitable spirit, living life to its fullest. Bright and gifted, she was an accomplished Licensed Practical Nurse. Determined and progressive, she was both a maritime and an aerial pilot. Graceful and beautiful, she was a model and socialite.