mechanicville parent portal

by Kris Botsford 6 min read

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How to enroll in the Patient Portal?

How can I enroll for the Patient Portal? You can contact your Provider’s office and they will provide an activation code for you by phone or mail. Once you have that code: Visit the Patient Portal site. Click on the link “Activate Account” to log in for the first time. Fill in the requested information.

Where does the patient portal come from?

The information in the Patient Portal comes from the electronic health record (EHR) that the medical providers use to document your care and health information. Since the hospital and the providers each use an EHR specifically designed to meet the requirements of that setting, the Patient Portals are not the same.

Do you need to enter your name and date of birth when activating a patient account?

The name and date of birth you will need to enter during the activation stage appears at the top of the letter.