mead montessori south parent portal

by Zoe Jakubowski 3 min read

What is a mead school?

5. Supportive Environment. The Mead School is an accepting and a patient place for children to grow and learn.

What is the Mead student's responsibility?

In addition to teachers in core academic subjects, including the arts, the Mead student receives individual attention from a teacher whose sole responsibility is to advocate for the social, emotional and educational well-being of the child.

Why is Mead School so good?

Mead students become increasingly self-aware because we provide them with experiences they should have, along with experiences they must have, to be their best selves – thoughtful, engaged and independent community members, creative thinkers and self-advocates.

What is a mead?

Mead is a community, existing within a global community. Each person must learn to function, contribute and find fulfillment within the community. While the community supports individual expression, each person must learn to respect the needs and goals of others. Our program helps students to recognize and value this balance.