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by Lydia Lind 5 min read

Who is the sponsor of Mahindra University?

Mahindra University is sponsored by Mahindra Educational Institutions (MEI), a subsidiary of Tech Mahindra, the flagship IT company of the Mahindra Group.

Why study at Mahindra University?

Mahindra University shouts out the success of students and faculty development with its world-class facilities and curriculum. Are you striving to be a high-impact researcher? Then Mahindra University is for you.

How to pay Mahindra University/École Centrale School of engineering fees online?

Mahindra University / École Centrale School of Engineering. 1. Online Fee Payment of Tuition Fee, Hostel Fee and Caution Deposit Note: Request Not to Pay fee through RTGS. 2. For Supplementary and Other Fee Payments: Please select "New Registration", and fill required details for the payment of fee.

What is ADA memorandum of understanding between Mahindra University and TDTA?

A Memorandum Of Understanding was signed between Mahindra University and Telecom & Digital Technologies Academy (TDTA) in 2021. It aims to connect the teachings in the classroom with techniques and research methodologies that allow students to develop competencies and analysis, reflection, and argumentation skills along with their training.


What is Mahendras for teachers?

We at Mahendras believe that preparing for an exam can make all the difference. Mahendras provides Classes for Teacher's Exams which provides job opportunities to candidates in the field of Teaching. It is the most sought-after career option for candidates who wish to become teacher in Government Schools.

What is digital board?

It is a new concept of teaching and learning. It consists of Digital Board with high tech projector, By using newly arising technologies, the faculties can interact in a more influential way with the students that helps the students learning each and every concept of every subject perfectly.

Can you take the Mahendras test before the real exam?

Exam Before Exam. Mahendras Smart Labs allow you to appear in the exam before you face the real exam. This provides you the perfect ambience to practice and attempt speed tests. Here you get the same feel as that of a real exam because several thousands of students appear in the Smart Labs exclusively available.