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by Dr. Emory Connelly Sr. 8 min read

How do I Register my child to Madera Unified School District?

For new students to Madera Unified, select the New Student Registration button. For students who are returning to MUSD, even if they have left for a period of time, select returning student. You will need your email address that was used to create your parent portal.

How many employees does Madera Unified School District have?

Our district serves 20,000 students and has 2,000 employees. We are guided by a powerful vision of Madera Unified setting the standard for hard work, creativity and resiliency with a fearless drive to continuously improve.

What did Madera High School students do to honor community heroes?

Madera High School's varsity girls came in 5th place in their division. Howard School Students from Howard School wrote thank you cards and drew pictures for community heroes to honor them for their service to the citizens of Madera.

When is Nami ending the silence Madera Unified School District?

NAMI Fresno will offer NAMI Ending the Silence presentations, in the month of September, to Madera Unified School District students in the 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grades. What is NAMI Ending the Silence? PDF Resources 2021-2022 School Year Calendar Link


Community Newsletter 1.28.2022

Weekly Updates January 28, 2022 Community Feedback - Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) Survey 2021-2022 Please take a moment to complete the LCAP survey. Your feedback is valuable! LCAP Survey Link COVID-19 Health and Safety Guideline on MUSD Webpage At Madera Unified, we want to ensure our community stays safe.

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Weekly Updates January 14, 2022 During this Martin Luther King Jr. celebration weekend, Madera Unified would like to share this video showing Dr. King leading a march on Washington on August 28, 1963. A quarter of a million people gathered to support civil rights and share Dr. King's "dream" of equality.

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Weekly Updates December 17, 2021 In this episode of the Madera Minutes video, we will break a record with the number of events that were featured. Great job to all the event coordinators that helped make them possible. Here is a list of the events featured: 1. United States Airforce Veteran Mr. Jensen gave presentations to Dixieland students 2.

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Weekly Updates December 10, 2021 WE BELIEVE Champions 2020-2021 What makes a We Believe Champion? A We Believe Champion is a special staff member who has made a positive impact in the lives of students, staff, and the community. This person believes in others so strongly that they, in turn, begin to believe in themselves.

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