lundy parent portal

by Jeramy Muller 5 min read

How do I contact Parent Portal support?

Parent Portal Support (213) 443-1300 Local District Central- (213) 766-7311 Local District East- (323) 224-3382 Local District Northeast- (818) 252-5400 Local District Northwest- (818) 654-3600 Local District South- (310) 354-3230

How do I contact parent and Community Engagement Office?

Local District Central- (213) 766-7311 Local District East- (323) 224-3382 Local District Northeast- (818) 252-5400 Local District Northwest- (818) 654-3600 Local District South- (310) 354-3230 Local District West- (310) 914-2124 For assistance with Parent Portal, Contact your local District's Parent and Community Engagement Office Quick Links

Is the parking lot open at Lundy community?

Dear Lundy Community: The main parking lot is closed to parents for safe dismissal. The back lot is open for parking during dismissal. Parents may also park at Hornedo and come down the stairs for student pick up. The gate to the stairs will open at 3:30 daily. ...

What is the Sargent&Lundy login tool?

Sargent & Lundy has implemented this tool as part of our commitment to reducing the amount of user names and passwords required to accomplish work. The tool also reduces the amount of times you are required to manually enter logins. What is the Okta Portal?


How to add students to parent portal?

How to Add Students to Active Parent Portal Account 1 Log into your Parent Portal account by going to, click on "Links" in the menu bar, then click "LLS Parent Portal". 2 Click on the tab that is called "Account Preferences". 3 Click on the "Students" tab. 4 Click the "Add" icon located on the far right side of the screen. 5 Enter the information which is provided to you from your child's school that you are adding or contact . For the Relationship, please choose the relationship you are to the student click "Submit".

Can a parent and guardian share the same account?

If Parent/Guardian share the same account, ONLY ONE Parent /Guardian may access the account at a time . DO NOT SET YOUR BROWSER TO SAVE PASSWORDS TO THIS SITE. IT WILL CAUSE YOUR PASSWORD NOT TO WORK. After logging in you will see the main Parent Portal screen. Across the top you will see a tab for your child (ren).

How to reset MFA on Okta?

To reset your MFA, login to your Okta org on a computer or mobile device. Click on your username in the top menu, and select the ‘Settings’ menu item. Go to the Extra Verification section, and select Setup or Reset, next to the MFA Factor that you want to setup or reset. Enter the required information and save.

What are the different types of applications in Portal?

You may have more or less buttons or “chiclets” depending on what applications you need. There are 3 types of applications in your portal. Integrated Applications - These applications will never ask you to enter login information. The application will launch and automatically log you in when you click on the chiclet.

Where is Okta portal?

The Okta portal, located at, gives you a single place where you can login to all your web applications. You can login to the portal once and from there be automatically logged into any web application in your portal.

How to remove apps from a Kindle Fire?

Apps you've installed can be removed by hovering over the app and selecting the gear icon. In the app setting screen, you'll see the option to delete it. Apps issued by your Help Desk cannot be removed, but there is a way to move the app out of sight.

Do I need to login to Aventail?

You will need to login to Aventail to launch applications that currently require Aventail. For example, SL Web and Fusion P8 are internal S&L applications. You will need to login to Aventail to access. You do not need to be on Aventail to access the portal or to access external applications.

Is Fusion P8 compatible with Internet Explorer?

SL Web has limited functionality outside of Internet Explorer and Fusion P8 is not compatible with other browsers. You will still have to use Internet Explorer for these applications to fully function.