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What is parent access to student information in lionpath?

Parent access to student information in LionPATH is called Delegated Access. Delegated access gives parents, guardians, or other individuals access to view: Students are responsible for setting up delegated access in LionPATH and for determining which areas the individual can access.

What is the lionpath public website?

The LionPATH public website is where parents and families log in to LionPATH with Authorized Payer/ Delegated Access. Parents and Families now see a separate tab on the website for the Authorized Payer and Delegated Access log in.

What is delegated access in lionpath?

Delegated access gives parents, guardians, or other individuals access to view: Students are responsible for setting up delegated access in LionPATH and for determining which areas the individual can access. For help in setting up delegated access for students, visit the "Setting Up Delegated Access" online tutorial.

Can I give parents access to see information in Elion?

Students can give parents access to see the same information that was available in eLion. In LionPATH, there are two separate access points for parents. Parent access in LionPATH: Authorized payer versus delegated access | Penn State University


How do I access LionPATH?

How do I gain access to LionPATH? Students use to log in to LionPATH. Familes log in at If you are having issues logging in to LionPATH, submit a service request.

What happens if report Lion path?

A What-if Report from LionPATH shows how your completed and current courses apply toward requirements of any major or minor. It is a useful tool for schedule planning and to discuss academic progress with your adviser. The report shows requirements for: Entrance to major.

What is LionPATH?

LionPATH is the Penn State's student information system that allows you to accept financial aid, enroll in classes, pay your bill, and much more.

How do I add authorized payer in LionPATH?

The student can add Authorized Payers in LionPATH by following these steps:Log in to LionPATH.Click on "Student Home Base"Scroll to the bottom right side of the page, and click on the Quick Link "Manage Account/Make Payment" to get to your Student Account Dashboard.Click on "Add New" in the Authorized Payers section.

What does Xfrpen mean?

To expedite the course review process, please email course syllabi for TRN XFRPEN (transfer pending review) courses listed on your Evaluation of Transferable Credit to

What happens if PSU University Park report?

What-if (WHIF) reports allow undergraduate students, faculty and staff to request advisement reports (aka “Degree Audits”) for a plan(s) other than those in which a student is currently enrolled.

What are holds in LionPATH?

In LionPATH, the Holds box (found on the Advisor/Student Center page) lists any holds that a student needs to resolve. The types of holds that can be placed on a student's record and the areas that oversee those holds are as follows: Academic (College, enrollment unit, or campus designate)

How do you drop out of PSU?

To formally drop out of Penn State, all you need to do is not enroll in (or drop any) classes for the next semester. Once that occurs, you'll automatically fall out of Penn State's system after a year. After the one-year mark, you're no longer affiliated with the university.

How do I declare a major PSU LionPATH?

Process to Submit a Change of Major Request:In the LionPATH Student Center, submit a Change of Major request using "Update Academics." Select "Update Academics" from the "other academic" dropdown menu. ... In person, request the Change of Major Form and submit it to current college dean for review.

How do I add an authorized payer power supply?

Go to, then select "Authorized Payer Access". Click on the "Authorized Payer Login" button, then use your Authorized Payer User ID and password provided for one of your student's accounts. Once on the Student Account Dashboard scroll down the page and click on “Link to another student”

Why can't I log into LionPATH?

Authorized Payers can reset a password by following the steps below: Navigate to and click "Login" in the Authorized Payer section. Enter your authorized user ID and click on "Forgot Password" Enter the email address associated with your Authorized Payer access, and click "Continue"

How do I make someone an authorized payer Penn State?

Students grant Authorized Payer Access Select "Manage My Account/Make A Payment" to get to your Student Account Dashboard. Scroll down the overview page and click on “Send a payer invitation” Complete the information requested for the Authorized Payer and click on “Send invitation”.

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LionPATH Delegated Access

Penn State's policy on Confidentiality of Student Records is designed to comply with the 1974 federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This federal law prohibits disclosure of student records information without prior consent of the student.