leighton academy parent portal

by Prof. Julius Becker Jr. 8 min read

Why choose Leighton primary school?

Staff and pupils at Leighton have developed our curriculum to ensure that it is underpinned by knowledge and vocabulary rich, with a focus on quality first teaching. Great to see a flurry of Cheshire primary schools registering for our new collaboration with @CheshireSSYP @CheshirePCC @cheshirepolice on the issue of tolerance and bullying.

What is the parent portal and how do I use it?

Our Parent Portal holds specific information about your child/ren as well useful general information about School life from a parent's perspective e.g. term dates, School Dress, transport arrangements, PSC events and more. Please also use My School Portal to report absence. Click the link below to sign in now.

Why choose Leighton dance project?

At Leighton Dance Project, we offer a nurturing environment where learning and growth are always the first priority. We value discipline and technique as crucial components of dance instruction, but believe that the passion and spirit behind this training must also be constantly nourished.


What does it mean when AB 1316 is on the inactive file?

Being placed on the inactive file means the measure will not move forward this year. The bill faced a Friday legislative deadline, the house of origin deadline.

What is AB 1316?

AB 1316 limits the operation of non-classroom based charter schools but all charter schools would have been impacted by the legislation. Click here for an overview of the proposed legislation. To read the full bill click here.