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by Ettie Borer 9 min read

Does Lehigh University communicate with parents/family members of students?

While most of our communications are directly with the student, we know that our relationship with parents/family member of undergraduate and graduate students is crucial to our mission of helping students be successful during their time at Lehigh University. We strive to provide useful information, delivered when and how you need it.

What is the new student portal at Lehigh University?

In 2018, Lehigh’s Enrollment Services rolled out a new cloud-based student portal and graduate student portal which use software developed by EnrollmentRx (ERx) and runs on top of Salesforce. The Campus Portal was decommissioned in June, 2020.

How do I get my grades from Lehigh University?

Your grades, GPA and other “non-directory” information can only be obtained by a parent with your permission. Lehigh has developed a student record proxy access specifically for parents and family members aimed to provide parent access to relevant student record information.

Who can read my information about my Lehigh University ID?

Only the Lehigh University Online Community on the Web can read the information about your ID and password. No other Web site has access to it through your browser.

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Students must authorize their parents to be able to view GoldPLUS balances, view statements, and add GoldPLUS by charging the student’s Bursar account. A student does this by authorizing their parent/guardian as a proxy to access their student records.


After your student has added your access, you'll be able to sign in to see their GoldPlus balance, transaction history, and add funds using the Bursar account if your student has granted you the appropriate access.


Bursar Account Charge: Using your Student Record Proxy Account, you may add funds using a Bursar account charge. There is a $20 minimum for this method, and the deposit will be processed within one business day.

How many students does Lehigh University have?

Recognized among the nation’s premier research universities, Lehigh offers a rigorous academic community for over 7,000 students.

What is LUSSI in Lehigh University?

The Lehigh University Student Scholars Institute (LUSSI) program begins in the summer to build a supportive community among students who are first generation or come from underrepresented backgrounds.

What is Lehigh after dark?

Lehigh After Dark hosts on-campus events for students, providing alcohol-free nightlife opportunities. They work with various student groups to plan and host events big and small.

Who made the Lehigh Family gift?

Lehigh University is celebrating its 50th anniversary of undergraduate women’s first year on campus. Lehigh Family. A $2.5 million gift, made by Charles Marcon, establishes a research institute dedicated to social justice.

Is Lehigh University in person admissions tours?

In-person admissions tours resume d this summer for students interested in visiting and learning more about what Lehigh has to offer.

How long does it take for a refund check to be issued at Lehigh University?

1) If the payment was from a check drawn on a domestic bank there is a two week waiting period before a refund check will be issued.

What does "authorized user" mean on a student account?

As an Authorized User on your students account you will receive email notifications when a bill is available to view. You can even create and save a financial profile to make future payments that much simpler. At any time you have the ability to view charges and payments on your students account.

Can you talk to a student without an authorization?

Without this authorization on file, even for parents who may likely be the primary payers on the student's account, federal law prohibits us from discussing any matters related to the student. We encourage you to make this a priority for your student as soon as they are admitted to the University.