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by Daryl Collins 6 min read

Does Lehigh University communicate with parents/family members of students?

While most of our communications are directly with the student, we know that our relationship with parents/family member of undergraduate and graduate students is crucial to our mission of helping students be successful during their time at Lehigh University. We strive to provide useful information, delivered when and how you need it.

What is the new student portal at Lehigh University?

In 2018, Lehigh’s Enrollment Services rolled out a new cloud-based student portal and graduate student portal which use software developed by EnrollmentRx (ERx) and runs on top of Salesforce. The Campus Portal was decommissioned in June, 2020.

How do I get my grades from Lehigh University?

Your grades, GPA and other “non-directory” information can only be obtained by a parent with your permission. Lehigh has developed a student record proxy access specifically for parents and family members aimed to provide parent access to relevant student record information.

What is Lehigh University's refund policy for overpayments?

It is Lehigh University's policy that students with a credit balance that resulted from an overpayment are eligible to be refunded. 1) If the payment was from a check drawn on a domestic bank there is a two week waiting period before a refund check will be issued.

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Students must authorize their parents to be able to view GoldPLUS balances, view statements, and add GoldPLUS by charging the student’s Bursar account. A student does this by authorizing their parent/guardian as a proxy to access their student records.


After your student has added your access, you'll be able to sign in to see their GoldPlus balance, transaction history, and add funds using the Bursar account if your student has granted you the appropriate access.


Bursar Account Charge: Using your Student Record Proxy Account, you may add funds using a Bursar account charge. There is a $20 minimum for this method, and the deposit will be processed within one business day.

Navigating the Lehigh University Website

Our website is designed to help students and others to find useful information regarding tuition, billing, health insurance and due dates. For most of your student finance needs and questions, you will want to browse the Tuition & Billing part of the website.

An Important Note About Refunds

It is Lehigh University's policy that students with a credit balance that resulted from an overpayment are eligible to be refunded.


Lehigh’s College of Education focuses on innovative teaching, experiential learning and interdisciplinarity. Its graduates have won accolades for their school leadership.

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What is the Lehigh Campus Portal?

The Lehigh Campus Portal was established in 2003 as a replacement for the Network Server, Launched in 1991, the Network Server was a Campus Wide Information System that provided email and electronic bulletin board access in a simple terminal interface.

When was the Campus Portal built?

The system was in operation from 1985 to 1992. The Campus Portal was built on a web application framework called Luminis, developed by Campus Pipeline, which was later acquired by SCT and now Ellucian.

When was the campus portal decommissioned?

The Campus Portal was decommissioned on June 9, 2020. The services it provided are still available at the links below. If you have questions, see www.lehigh.edu/help for your support options.

Can you see your student records with proxy access?

You can use your Student Record Proxy Access to see your student's financial and student records, class schedules, and grades. Once your student has granted you access, you can sign in to your account to view all information to which your student has granted access.

Who made the Lehigh Family gift?

Lehigh University is celebrating its 50th anniversary of undergraduate women’s first year on campus. Lehigh Family. A $2.5 million gift, made by Charles Marcon, establishes a research institute dedicated to social justice.

Who is Elsa Reichmanis?

Innovating to Make the World a Better Place. Elsa Reichmanis. Elsa Reichmanis, professor and Carl Robert Anderson Chair in chemical engineering, has been recognized as a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), a highly prestigious honor celebrating her accomplishments as an academic inventor.