klondike academy parent portal

by Jude Hill I 10 min read

When will school return to Klondike ISD?

At KISD, we are committed to a safe and complete return to school on August 12, 2021, and we are preparing to provide full in-person instruction. We have been m... Read more... Klondike ISD will be accepting sealed bids for surplus kitchen items. Bids must be placed in a sealed envelope with the words Sealed Bid , the Item number, your...

What is Klondike ISD doing with surplus kitchen items?

Klondike ISD will be accepting sealed bids for surplus kitchen items. Bids must be placed in a sealed envelope with the words Sealed Bid , the Item number, your... Read more... Klondike ISD is currently looking for substitute cafeteria workers. Please call the school or come by for more information.

Where can I find resources for parents and educators?

Constant Love and Learning is a resource that is beneficial for both parents and educators, with several resources embedded within. Greater Good Magazine from UC Berkeley offers numerous resources for parents and caregivers.


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What Our Members Say

Klondike Team, I want to thank you for your work. I've payed off my lifetime mebership in almost one week and I'm happy with this result.

Community Mental Health Resources for Families

Mental Health America – Wabash Valley Region has a new, free service for families who are looking for mental health or substance use services for themselves or someone in their family. It can be very difficult to know where to start and this service helps families know how to find the right services for them.

Diversity Resources

The American Psychological Association has resources for parents including tools, tips, books and ways to engage children in healthy communication about race.

Homeschool Information

The Tippecanoe School Corporation encourages all families interested in non-accredited education to fully research homeschooling, talk to other non-accredited educational providers and organizations, understand Indiana's homeschool laws, and have an established curriculum prior to transferring a student out of public school.

TSC Outdoor WiFi Options

To support remote and virtual learners who may have issues accessing high speed internet, the TSC has installed an outdoor WiFi antenna at each of its elementary and middle schools. The same solution will be installed at the high schools during upcoming renovations.