keystone elementary school parent portal

by Albertha Bernier 8 min read

Why choose Keystone School?

WELCOME TO KEYSTONE. FLEXIBLE LEARNING STARTS AT KEYSTONE. The Keystone School offers flexible education programs that help each student achieve their unique dreams and goals. Whether your student wants to study full time or just needs individual classes, we offer courses for grades K–12 from credit recovery to world languages and AP ®.

How do I get technical support from Keystone School?

**During this period of distance learning, Keystone has set up a support request form for parents to easily get technical help from the correct person at school.** **Please click here to submit a tech support request form.** Below you will find all of the most commonly needed resources for parents of current Keystone School students.

What can I do in the Keystone Program?

Pay tuition and other school bills, check report cards, monitor attendance, and maintain your family’s contact information. Information about the Keystone Lunch Program where parents can register, pre-pay for hot lunches, and view menus.

Where is Keystone Central School District?

We are very happy to welcome you to our website and hope you find a vast source of information here about our outstanding school community. Keystone Central is the largest geographic district in the state of Pennsylvania, covering municipalities in parts of Clinton, Centre, and Potter Counties.


Student Application Login

You can now access your courses from this convenient login. Get started!

What is the Keystone Support Application?

It is the one stop to access your student’s account profile, Assessment Pacer, billing information, The Keystone Teacher Link, and much more! Click here to see the new features and set up your Keystone Support Account today!

What is Keystone Academy?

At Keystone Academy we create endless opportunities for your child to become their best. We inspire our students to excel academically and think creatively to reach their full potential. Our dedicated teachers help children apply critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems. Our moral focus program motivates children to be better people. As a result, children are prepared to tackle 21st century challenges and excel in high-school, college, and beyond.

Is Keystone Academy a public school?

Keystone Academy is a tuition-free public charter school open to all children who live in Michigan.

When is the next Keystone Central School District meeting?

The Keystone Central School District Board of School Directors will hold a Work Session on Thursday, July 1, 2021 beginning at 6:30 pm. The meeting will be held in person at the Administration Office Board Room located at 86 Administration Drive, Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. The meeting will also be available to view via Zoom.

Can you repeat your grade level in 2021?

Last week, Governor Wolf signed Act 66 of 2021 into law. Specifically, the law permits students to repeat their 2020-2021 grade level if a family wishes. Although the law grants families the right to seek retention, we encourage you to follow the grade-level recommendations of your child’s teachers for this upcoming school year.