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by Cathrine Runolfsson 10 min read

Why choose Oregon K12 schools?

At K12-powered public schools in Oregon, our priority is providing a personalized approach to engaging instruction designed to make your student an independent learner, preparing them for success inside and outside of the classroom.

What is an online school in Oregon?

K12-powered online schools in Oregon are designed to nurture your student’s success, regardless of their grade level or future plans. They are similar to traditional brick-and-mortar schools in a number of ways. For example, they follow the traditional school year and families do not pay tuition for students to enroll.*

How do students access information on parentvue?

Students can also access information through a similar service called StudentVUE. Schools send information about how to log in to ParentVUE to parents at the start of the school year. School offices can provide a duplicate to parents who need another copy.

What is the K12 enrollment center?

Your central hub for all K12 re-registrations and enrollments. If you're new to the Enrollment center, also referred to as the "Parent Portal", please get started by creating an account. If you have created an account, please enter your username and password to login.


Give your student the gift of empowered learning

Imagine where your child can go with the gift of empowerment and the freedom to learn in a way that works best for them.

How does the Stride K12-powered online elementary school in Oregon work?

There are many advantages of a Stride K12-powered school. Families experience an added level of convenience because learning can happen anywhere there's an internet connection. Many families also appreciate having hands-on involvement in their student's daily learning at the Stride K12-powered online elementary school in Oregon.

Is online learning a good fit for my student?

While the main instruction takes place virtually, students enrolled in the Stride K12-powered online elementary school in Oregon will complete supplemental activities, such as art projects and science experiments.

How will my student socialize?

There are many ways for elementary students to connect with their peers and develop friendships at the Stride K12-powered online elementary school in Oregon. Students can participate in in-person field trips and events or supervised online student clubs.

Schools Available for Oregon Students

You can purchase K12 courses to supplement your homeschool curriculum or help your student catch up, get ahead, or explore an interest. These flexible courses are available with part-time and full-time options and with convenient year-round start dates.

What is Stride Career Prep at CVA?

Stride Career Prep gives 8th–12th graders the chance to explore career options and gain an edge for the future. Students take core academic courses as well as career-focused electives in the high-demand field of their choice.

Download the K12 App Today

The app is a great resource to keep you in the loop—from enrollment to the end of the school year!

March is National Reading Month

Click HERE to sign up for our First Annual Read-a-Thon in March. Also, be sure to check your calendars for some fun OMSI Virtual Assemblies!

School is different at ORVA

Common schoolyard distractions are minimized online, leaving students free to focus on learning.

ParentVUE is online portal with information about your student

Parents of middle and high school students can find out about their student’s grades, missing homework assignments, attendance and more information through ParentVUE, an online information portal.

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