k-12 online school parent portal

by Dr. Melissa Gottlieb IV 6 min read

Is K12 a good school?

K12 was a great virtual school. It allowed me to learn and obtain my High School Diploma from the comfort of my home. Even throughout the pandemic, K12 made schooling easy and efficient. I got to experience many different electives, classes, and learning opportunities through K12.

How do you create a parent portal?

Create a parent portal account. NOTE: You will NOT need to obtain a PIN number for your student. Log into Parent Portal. On the left side of the home screen you will see tabs listed as Portal, School Information, Preferences, etc. Select the “Forms” tab. Select the “Online Applications” box which will appear under the “Forms” tab.

How do I sign up for Parent Portal?

How do I sign up for Parent Portal? You will find at the bottom of the weekly Parent Report Email there is an invitation link to create a Parent Portal account. Just click on the text “ Log In or Register ” to get started.

Is K12 a good homeschooling program?

These students did not do well in K-12, which is a very rigorous program. If you are that motivated parent, and your child is that motivated student, K-12 is for you. It is not, however, a good program for children with special needs or who are English language learners, no matter how motivated they might be.


How do you login to school portal?

0:174:03How to Access Your Student Portal - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipPortal. If it's your first time accessing your portal go ahead and look up account or reset passwordMorePortal. If it's your first time accessing your portal go ahead and look up account or reset password. Click ok enter in your last name and your full social security number or your student id.

Why is K12 login not working?

Basic Troubleshooting Steps Verify that you are entering your username and password exactly the way it was created (and your CAPS Lock is not on) Use the Forgotten User Name and/or Password links if you are not sure you are entering the correct login information. Are you using a K12 Supported Browser?

How do I log into my K12 email?

0:051:18How do Students login to K12 webmail? - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFrom the k12 single sign-on page going to type in your email address. And hopefully I've got thatMoreFrom the k12 single sign-on page going to type in your email address. And hopefully I've got that typed in correctly click sign in.

Is there an app for K12 students?

The K12 app is a great resource for parents and legal guardians, keeping you in the loop starting with your online school search to completing the enrollment process to the last day of the school year and beyond! With the app, you'll have the power to: Start and complete enrollment. Track your student's progress.

Is K12 app down?

We currently are not experiencing any outages at this time. If you are experiencing an issue logging into the Online School or a K12 application, please be sure to clear cache and cookies in your browser.

What does the K in K-12 stand for?

kindergartenK-12, a term used in education and educational technology in the United States, Canada, and possibly other countries, is a short form for the publicly-supported school grades prior to college. These grades are kindergarten (K) and the 1st through the 12th grade (1-12).

How do you check your school email?

0:231:58Student Guide - How to Check School Email - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIs click on the apps icon right here in google chrome. And then click on gmail. That will pull upMoreIs click on the apps icon right here in google chrome. And then click on gmail. That will pull up your school email account as long as you're logged in with your. School.

How do I create a K12 email?

Setup using Built-In Mail ApplicationTap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.On the “Add Account” page, tap Exchange email address.Enter your full email address (as it appears in My Account in the OLS) and your OLS password and select Next.

How do I access my Cty email?

How do I access my email?Go to the course site: https://mycourses.cty.jhu.edu.Click on Open ID Connect to log-in with your K12 login (ex: username@k12.jh.edu) and password.You will be able to access Office365 apps in the block on the right.Click on My Email to access your K12 email account.Go to: https://office.com.More items...•

How do I use K-12 app?

0:000:38Introducing the K12 App - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe k-12 app is a great resource for parents and legal guardians. You will be able to find the rightMoreThe k-12 app is a great resource for parents and legal guardians. You will be able to find the right school for your child by typing in your zip code or state to see a list of k-12 powered.

What is the Clever portal?

What is the Clever Portal? The Clever Portal puts learning at teachers' and students' fingertips. Each student and teacher can access a personalized portal with a single sign-on (SSO) to every learning application they use - even those that don't yet roster with Clever.

Is Clever app free?

Overview. Clever is a free service for schools and districts! This means Clever doesn't charge schools or districts to utilize our platform.

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What is a K12 day in South Carolina?

A typical day in a K12-powered online public school in South Carolina differs from student to student and by grade level, but in general includes: Coursework in the K12-powered Online School platform. Support from the Learning Coach, a parent or other responsible adult, who plays an active role and ensures the student is on track ...

What does being an online student mean?

Being an online student means Zachary can structure his day the way he will be the most productive. Learn More >. Grades 6–8. Every morning, Elayna eats breakfast with her brothers and spends time playing with her dogs before starting school.

Is K12 online school better than brick and mortar?

For some students, a K12-powered online school in South Carolina may provide a better fit as they offer personalized learning and the following benefits found in a brick-and-mortar public school: Families do not pay tuition to enroll their students. Classes are taught by South Carolina-certified teachers. Qualified high school graduates earn ...