jeffcoschools parent portal

by Tomas West IV 6 min read

Why choose Jeffco Public Schools?

Through shared commitments and consistent practices that engage our staff, students, families and community, we can achieve the best possible outcomes for the students we serve. Jeffco Public Schools believes in the value of family and community involvement in our schools.

How do I enroll in a Jeffco school?

Use School Finder to learn about schools by name, by proximity, or by program and other criteria like ASD, gifted, Montessori, STEM, and more! Use the EnrollJeffco Application to enroll in your neighborhood school or any other Jeffco Schools currently accepting applications.

Is Jeffco connect being used by Jeffco?

As of December 1, 2021, Jeffco Connect is no longer being used by Jeffco Public Schools. For information about updating contact information, paying student fees, or completing registration, visit our Infinite Campus Parent Portal webpage.

How do I submit my application to jefcoed?

Please include their name, position, and phone/e-mail. Applicants are encouraged to call 205-379-2225 or email to confirm receipt of submitted materials.


Providing for the Diverse Needs of All Learners

Welcome to Jefferson County Schools! We are the second-largest school district in Alabama serving over 36,000 students in 57 different schools located throughout Jefferson County. Our vision is to be characterized by the use of best practices resulting in effectively providing for the diverse needs of all learners.

February Meetings for the Jefferson County Board of Education

The Jefferson County Board of Education will meet several times during the month of February.

Updated COVID Isolation Guidelines for Students - January 6, 2022

New guidelines for when students may return to school following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

2022-2023 Pre-K Registration for JEFCOED schools

Pre-K applications are available from Tuesday, January 18, 2022 to Friday, March 4, 2022 for select sites. Click the link above to learn more.

What is the JCPS parent portal?

The JCPS Parent Portal (run by Infinite Campus) allows you to track your child’s academic progress and develop a partnership with your child’s teachers. Infinite Campus is a secure and convenient way to monitor your child’s attendance, assignments, daily grades, and class schedule as well as bus and health information.

Who can access the JCPs portal?

The portal is available to every parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the JCPS District. Parents/Guardians are required to adhere to the following guidelines: Parents/Guardians will not share their password with anyone, including their child.

Who must notify the JCPS District of a security problem?

Parents/Guardians who identify a security problem with the JCPS Parent Portal must notify the JCPS District or the local school immediately, without demonstrating the problem to anyone else.

Can parents use the JCPs Parent Portal?

Parents/Guardians will not use the JCPS Parent Portal for any illegal activity, including violation of Data Privacy laws.