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by Kylie Steuber 6 min read

Why doesn't jackrabbit support parent portal login?

Our Parent Portal Login is under SSL, and most browsers do not share sessions or cookies across domains and do not like mixing SSL and non-SSL pages. Having the Portal login embedded into your own webpage can cause customer "session time out" errors (and other errors as well). Also, Jackrabbit does not support SAML.

How do I add the parent portal to my website?

Access to your Parent Portal can be added to your website using a simple hyperlink (no plug-ins required or needed). The best place to add the link is in your website Header so it's accessible from every page on your site. If you can not alter your header, then the Home page and any Registration pages should be used.

How does jackrabbit Notify me when an absence is scheduled?

When set to YES, Jackrabbit will send an additional email notification to the email address you enter advising that an absence has been scheduled. Refer to Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings - Organization Defaults for more details.

How do parents view class details in the parent portal?

View Details Link in Class Card - a link has been added in the My Schedule section of the Parent Portal for active students. A parent can click the View Details link to read the class description. (This enhancement is included for Care Edition)


How to access parent portal?

Click Go to the Parent Portal quick link to access the portal login page. Be sure Activate Portal check box is checked, this activates the Parent Portal access and will automatically add a link Already a customer? Click here to login to the top of your Online Registration form too!

Does Jackrabbit collect donations?

Jackrabbit offers the ability to collect charitable donations from your families in the parent portal and allows you to set the donation amount s.

What is the Jackrabbit Parent Portal?

The Jackrabbit Parent Portal is a centralized hub that allows you to seamlessly connect with families at your program. Pretty awesome, right?

How to manage parent portal?

With the right Parent Portal strategy in place, your customers will be able to: 1 access news and announcements from you and your staff in a single location, 2 track the progress of their child’s advancement via detailed skill updates, 3 participate in virtual classes, 4 notify your program of an upcoming absence and schedule a makeup class, 5 make payments and manage their billing information, 6 and much more!

How long is Jackrabbit class free?

Are you ready to make seamless connections with customers of your program through a centralized hub? Give Jackrabbit Class a try for 30-days. It’s free!

What does "data in equals data out" mean?

Data in equals data out, meaning you get from your data what you put into it. We are all human and errors are bound to happen, but why not put the responsibility into the hands of parents? No one knows their family’s information better than them, giving you clean, accurate data to work with. Sounds like a win to me!

Can parents add their child to the waitlist on Jackrabbit?

It’s a great perk for them that is easy for you to implement when using the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. As your classes fill up (and they will), parents can add their child to the waitlist. When a spot comes open, you can contact families to see if they are still interested in the class.

Can you use Jackrabbit on Spot TV?

If you want to take your program’s virtual experience to the next level for families, you can create a virtual viewing room through Jackrabbit’s exclusive integration with Spot TV. Just as a parent would log in to the portal to make a payment, enroll in classes, or update information – they can also log in to the portal to see their child’s class live from anywhere. With the most secure and reliable platform, Spot TV makes it easy for you to offer this luxurious service to your families when connection matters most!

Does Jackrabbit require payment?

With this latest enhancement, you can now require payment when parents enroll their student in classes through the portal. It creates a seamless customer experience for them AND saves your staff time by being able to automate this process.

How to enroll students in a class in a parent portal?

In order for your parents to enroll students into classes in the Portal, the Classes checkbox must be selected in your Parent Portal Settings. The Enroll Students option must also be selected (Gear icon > Settings > Parent Portal > Settings tab> Class Enrollment Settings). Refer to Set Up the Parent Portal for more information.

Does a class add to cart complete enrollment?

A confirmation that the class has been added to their cart will display in a pop-up. Adding a class to the cart does NOT COMPLETE the class enrollment. At this point the class is only added to the cart and the parent is taken back to the listing where they can continue to select classes and add them to their cart.

What is the importance of two way communication?

Having an open-door policy for families to come to you when they have questions will build the foundation and trust you have with parents.

What do parents see when they login to the Parent Portal?

The first thing parents will see when they login to the Parent Portal is the login message if you choose to use one. This is a great way to send a warm welcome and inform parents of any important information that you don’t want them to miss.

Can you create a message on the dashboard?

If you have a message for a particular family, you can create a message that will show up on the dashboard once they log in. Whether you want to ask Ms. Thomas to stop by the office the next time she brings Sally to dance to get her account up to date, or you want to congratulate Susan on mastering her front roll in tumble class – you can completely customize the message for that family, giving it a personal touch.

Can a parent see emails sent to them?

There’s always that parent that claims they ‘didn’t get that important email’ you sent. Well, have no fear! Each parent portal user can see a copy of all emails sent to them over the last 6 months – even if they ‘didn’t get it’.

How to reset password for parent portal?

If they did not set this up during registration, the parent can navigate to your Parent Portal login page and click the Reset Password link. An email will immediately be sent to them with an auto-generated temporary password.

What is the parent portal email?

Initially, the parent's email address is their Parent Portal Login ID. After they have logged into the Portal once using the email address on their record, the email address will be automatically entered into the Login ID field on their Contact record (this field will be blank until they login the first time).

How to change login ID for parents?

While in the Portal, they can change their Login ID ( Billing & Payments > Account > Settings > Change Login ID) and the change will be added to the Login ID field on their Contact record in your database.

Why do parents leave their login ID?

We recommend parents leave the Login ID as their email address because your email address is rarely forgotten.

What Is Jackrabbit Plus?

Jackrabbit Plus delivers your studio all the value of Jackrabbit Class with the added bonus of your own custom branded app. It will help you streamline the overall management of classes, tuition, events and more while enhancing your customer’s experience.

What is seamless integration?

Seamless integration with one or more of your Google calendars allows app users to view your schedule and event details, get directions to events and subscribe to your calendars.

What information can families access in the school?

Families will be able to access class and event info, bill pay, punch cards and their student’s info in one place.

How long is Jackrabbit Class free?

We’ll import your center’s current data so you can try out our life-changing software for yourself, FREE for 30 days. We know you’ll love Jackrabbit Class.

What do technology experts do?

Our technology experts attend industry trade shows and conferences to stay on top of industry trends and share how our software can help your business.

Can you use punch cards for loyalty programs?

Easily set up punch cards for loyalty programs, private lessons, camps and other add-on programs. Your customers can view their punch cards in the mobile app, receive push notifications when their card is punched and have the option to reload as needed all in one convenient location.