jackrabbit parent portal

by Dr. Markus Spencer DDS 8 min read

Why doesn't jackrabbit support parent portal login?

Our Parent Portal Login is under SSL, and most browsers do not share sessions or cookies across domains and do not like mixing SSL and non-SSL pages. Having the Portal login embedded into your own webpage can cause customer "session time out" errors (and other errors as well). Also, Jackrabbit does not support SAML.

Why take lessons with jackrabbit?

Not only do they learn to play, young musicians develop discipline, curiosity, problem solving and teamwork – skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. We have an online Parent Portal (Jackrabbit) which allows us to communicate with one another. If your child is already enrolled in lessons, you can access your Parent Portal account here:

How does jackrabbit Notify me when an absence is scheduled?

When set to YES, Jackrabbit will send an additional email notification to the email address you enter advising that an absence has been scheduled. Refer to Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings - Organization Defaults for more details.

How do I add the parent portal to my website?

Access to your Parent Portal can be added to your website using a simple hyperlink (no plug-ins required or needed). The best place to add the link is in your website Header so it's accessible from every page on your site. If you can not alter your header, then the Home page and any Registration pages should be used.


What do parents see when they login to the Parent Portal?

The first thing parents will see when they login to the Parent Portal is the login message if you choose to use one. This is a great way to send a warm welcome and inform parents of any important information that you don’t want them to miss.

Can a parent see emails sent to them?

There’s always that parent that claims they ‘didn’t get that important email’ you sent. Well, have no fear! Each parent portal user can see a copy of all emails sent to them over the last 6 months – even if they ‘didn’t get it’.

Can you create a message on the dashboard?

If you have a message for a particular family, you can create a message that will show up on the dashboard once they log in. Whether you want to ask Ms. Thomas to stop by the office the next time she brings Sally to dance to get her account up to date, or you want to congratulate Susan on mastering her front roll in tumble class – you can completely customize the message for that family, giving it a personal touch.

Display Settings

Click Go to the Parent Portal quick link to access the portal login page. Be sure Activate Portal check box is checked, this activates the Parent Portal access and will automatically add a link Already a customer? Click here to login to the top of your Online Registration form too!

Fees & Payments Settings

These options control which transaction details are displayed for a transaction in the transaction history in the Billing & Payments section of the Parent Portal.

My Classes Settings

These settings control what information is displayed in the class 'cards' seen in My Schedule (Dashboard) and when you view the student, under Enrollmen t. If a student is on a waitlist for a class, the class will be shown below the enrolled Classes.

Accepting Donations

Jackrabbit offers the ability to collect charitable donations from your families in the parent portal and allows you to set the donation amounts.

What is Jackrabbit Parent Portal?

The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal allows you to require a credit card or bank account on file before enrollment can happen. This helps you to collect the payment required to hold a spot for students in their upcoming classes.

What is parent portal?

The parent portal offers a quick option for parents to enroll their children in classes and events at your youth activity center. The easier the enrollment process is, the more enrollment you will have. Am I right?

Can parents see makeup classes?

When you and your staff take attendance through the Staff Portal, parents can also see this from their end in the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal. This is super helpful if you offer makeup classes for your program. With a few quick rules, parents can login to their Parent Portal to let you know about future absences and schedule their own makeup classes. Think about the staff hours you’ll save when you begin sharing this responsibility with parents!

Is Jackrabbit Class Portal mobile friendly?

First and foremost, the Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal is mobile-friendly. No matter what device parents use to login – computer, tablet, or smartphone – the parent portal automatically adjusts to the size of the screen on the device they are using.

Do Jackrabbits get emails?

Email is the way of the world, but let’s be real – we all get a lot of emails every day. Most of which never get opened before they hit the trash folder. The Jackrabbit Class Parent Portal holds copies of all emails sent to the family over the last 6 months so even if they miss the email in their inbox, they have a copy in their portal.