jack rabbit dance parent portal

by Corene Okuneva MD 4 min read

What can you do with the Jackrabbit Parent Portal?

You can even add a personal message for families to read when they log in. Live streaming classes via Spot TV is available through the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. Assign video streaming cameras and manage access to customers through seamless and secure integration. Organize and share events online with Jackrabbit Dance.

How does jackrabbit dance work for families?

With Jackrabbit Dance, families can view the current information about your classes, availability, and waitlists online. With Jackrabbit Dance connected to your studio’s website, classes, openings and waitlist are updated in real-time so that families can register confidently any time.

Why choose jackrabbit dance studio management software?

Let Jackrabbit Dance studio management software liberate you with automation and efficiency. Plus, parents love the ease of online registration and more. The result: You save time as you increase enrollment. Manage your entire Dance Studio – anytime, anywhere. Powerful and flexible software to run your entire business.

What is Jackrabbit class?

Globally, Jackrabbit Class software powers more than 12,000 schools. We’re helping thousands of dance studio owners like you take control of their businesses, so they can focus on their passion—teaching dance. You build their dreams. We build your dance business. You build their dreams. We build your dance business.


How does the Parent Portal benefit your customers?

The biggest benefits of the Parent Portal are definitely for your customers. And we all know that happy parents = happy owners.

How does the Parent Portal benefit your dance teachers and staff?

Not only does the Jackrabbit Dance Parent Portal benefit your dance families but it also benefits you, your teachers, and your office staff. It’s literally a win for everyone involved!

About the Author: Amber Smith

With Amber's prior experience as a dancer, dance teacher, and an office administrator at a dance studio, she can use her prior experiences to relate to Jackrabbit customers. As part of Jackrabbit's Education team, Amber develops Best Practices, communicates upcoming enhancements, and moderates the Jackrabbit Software Users Group on Facebook.

How to tell parents about the Parent Portal?

If you build it, they won’t necessarily come – unless you help create a little awareness. So, how can you tell families at your studio about your parent portal?

How to get parents to use the Parent Portal?

If you want the families at your dance studio to start using the Parent Portal, you need to address the ‘What’s in it for me?’ and do it quickly!

About the Author: Molly Stroud

A lifetime dancer turned marketing professional, Molly pulls from her experiences in the dance studio to connect with Jackrabbit clients.

How to manage parent portal?

With the right Parent Portal strategy in place, your customers will be able to: 1 access news and announcements from you and your staff in a single location, 2 track the progress of their child’s advancement via detailed skill updates, 3 participate in virtual classes, 4 notify your program of an upcoming absence and schedule a makeup class, 5 make payments and manage their billing information, 6 and much more!

Can parents update their billing information?

In addition to making payments from the portal , parents can also update their billing information as new cards are issued or new accounts are opened. And with full insight to the transactions on their account, they can always see where their account stands and print transaction history when needed!

Can you host a special event in addition to your class schedule?

From time to time, you may host a special event in addition to your class schedule. Just as families can easily enroll in new classes, they can also sign up for your events through the Parent Portal as well!

Can parents add their child to the waitlist on Jackrabbit?

It’s a great perk for them that is easy for you to implement when using the Jackrabbit Parent Portal. As your classes fill up (and they will), parents can add their child to the waitlist. When a spot comes open, you can contact families to see if they are still interested in the class.

Can families sign up for birthday parties?

Families can view and sign up for parties, birthday parties, special events, parents’ night out and other activities. Email confirmations go automatically to the person who signed up and the appropriate staff. Share a dynamic online calendar showing available events.

Can Jackrabbit Dance be included in a website?

It’s fast and easy to include it in your website. Matching your site’s look and feel, Jackrabbit Dance can include your logo, fonts and colors. Whatever your dance studio’s web style, Jackrabbit Dance can express it. Installs with just one line of HTML code (we’ll help with this).