isams parent portal sign in

by Maurine Leffler 8 min read

What can the parental control portal do for your school?

Includes photo galleries and picture management. Parents can update their own contacts within the portal – includes an authorisation system so the school can control changes and updates. Unlimited email and SMS groups so parents can join mailing lists. Publishes their child’s timetable complete with print and export options.

What can I do with my myisl Parent Portal?

myISL Parent Portal also acts as a central hub and gives you easy access to any other school related software or service: The Portal's homepage will provide content tailored to your needs. Information on the homepage is filtered based on user profiles so that you can focus on what matters to you.

What are the features of the parent portal?

Includes useful statistics information such as hits by time, day, month etc as well as navigation, content usage, errors and bandwidth. Simple and slick process to allow parents to register to use the portal.


How can parents view their child's school profile?

Parents can view their child’s timetable and teaching groups directly from their phone or tablet. Current and historical school reports are displayed from the School Reporting module.

Can parents access the photo gallery?

Parents can also access the photo gallery. Parents can view and subscribe to your school communications including emails and SMS messages. Parents can update their contact details via the app. Authorisation is then completed by your school before any system updates and changes.

Can you customise the school app?

You can customise the app so that it reflects your school’s branding and terminology. You can also use the integrated push notifications feature as a powerful and cost-effective new communication tool for enhancing school-parent engagement. Watch a demo. Features overview.