ignacio high school parent portal

by Constantin Hegmann 9 min read

Do my parents have to link to my Ignacio account?

Your parents only have to link if you are transferring into Ignacio from another school. Click here to watch live action sports and other events. YOU WANNA PLAY AT THE NEXT LEVEL?

What is the parent portal?

Welcome to the Parent Portal! The Parent Portal is a communications tool designed to enhance and increase your involvement in your student's education using the power of information. Timely communication between parents and school districts is essential for optimal student achievement.

Is there a bus driver job available in Ignacio?

SUMMER CAMPS - Come join the fun- camps listed on the webpage. Ignacio has an opening for a Bus Driver. Information and application on the website.

How do I access the eSchoolData Parent Portal?

The eSchoolData Parent Portal allows for online access to current and relevant information that will enhance your involvement with your student’s academic career. This is accessible through eSchoolData’s secure, password protected environment. If you already have an account click on the link below for:


What is the spirit of generosity of Loyola?

St. Ignatius of Loyola called Magis “the spirit of generous excellence.”. Since 1985, we have honored those who exemplify this spirit in their commitment to Saint Ignatius High School. The Assumption Gets to the Heart August 13, 2021.

Is Saint Ignatius High School open 24/7?

Just as there is no “typical” Saint Ignatius High School student, there is no “typical” day on campus. We operate a 24/7, 365-day a year organization.