i read parent portal

by Prof. Reina Douglas IV 9 min read

What is the iRead family portal?

The iRead Family Portal provides families with the tools they need to stay connected to their children's work at school. Family Portal English Español About iRead BookSpace Community About iRead:Welcome to the Family Portal! Dear Families, Your children are learning one of the most important things they will ever learn — how to read.

What can I learn about kids read now reading program?

Whether it’s reading tips, discovery activities, or how to use the parent portal to see your child’s progress, you can learn about each part of the Kids Read Now reading program with one convenient download. Kids Read Now empowers children through choice.

Why should my child read with ireadfamily?

When your children learn to read they will start to love to read because print will open the door to finding out about themselves, others, and the world. As an iReadfamily member, you’ll find your own ABCs — special resources for you to share with your children:

What resources are available to prepare my child for iread-3?

The primary delivery mode is online. Paper, large print and braille materials are available for students as an accommodation only. What resources are available to help prepare my child for IREAD-3? The Department has provided several resources to help parents and students understand what the IREAD-3 assessment looks like.


How do I log into iRead?

Select the school district name from the pull-down menu and click GO. ▶ Choose iRead from the Student Access page. Click the iRead button. Tip: Bookmark this page for future use.

Whats iRead?

iRead is a digital foundational reading program designed to close the achievement gap early and place ALL K-2 children on a predictable path to college and career. iRead is organized around five foundation principles to deliver the very best early-reading instruction. A personalized learning progression for each child.

Does iRead work on iPad?

Now enrolled students can access iRead from their iPad and is a free download! iRead is a foundational reading program designed to close the achievement gap before it begins and place ALL K–2 students on a predictable path to college and career.

How much does iRead cost?

There are NO membership fees, contracts, or commitments necessary. iREAD is flexible; you can use the art in perpetuity after purchase. We provide themed templates for any commonly used registration software package such as Beanstack, Evanced, and others. We have a proven track record of success since 1982!

What happened to iRead?

HMH is beginning the retirement process for iRead starting December 31, 2021. At that time, HMH will no longer sell new iRead licenses except as contractually required. All one-year iRead licenses purchased in 2021 will be prorated to expire on June 30, 2022.

What is on the iRead test?

IREAD-3 is a timed, multiple-choice only assessment consisting of three separate test segments. The first segment measures foundational reading skills, including phonics and vocabulary. The remaining two segments assess students' ability to silently read and comprehend nonfiction and literary texts.

Is the iReader app free?

iReader is the new way to access classic and new books on your iPhone or iPad. Providing completely free access to a huge, expanding library of books, iReader is a beautiful, minimalist experience with gorgeous page turn animation and zero delay text layout.

Does HMH ed work on iPad?

The iRead iPad app is available to all students with an active K-2 Into Reading log in. Students may access the iRead student software directly from the app or through Ed: The HMH Learning Platform once the app is downloaded and configured.

How many levels are in iRead?

While most students complete the three levels of iRead including Level A, B, and C by the time they exit second grade, Jace has completed the entire program a year early! His teachers, parents, and classmates are proud of his hard work!

How old is iready?

i-Ready was created in 1969 by the Curriculum Associates (C.A.) of Billerica, Massachusetts for the purpose of publishing student workbooks.

Who invented iready?

President, Rob Waldron, created the highly recognized blended program, i-Ready®.

When was iready made?

i-Ready is how Curriculum Associates got into the digital age. i-Ready was released on 2009 and being fully complete on 2011. The program was created by Curriculum Associates.

Getting Started

Whether it’s reading tips, discovery activities, or how to use the parent portal to see your child’s progress, you can learn about each part of the Kids Read Now reading program with one convenient download. Download Our Parent Guide

Kids Read Now empowers children through choice

Our summer reading program provides wish lists for students to select the books they want to receive throughout the summer program. Book kits including one copy of each book on the Wish List are also available for purchase to generate excitement and program awareness and to help teachers assist students with book selection.

More Helpful Resources

Discovery sheets in each book and online provide opportunities to discuss and grow. Our online discovery sheets allows parents to assess the reading comprehension of their child. Creating discussion about each book, and identifying important take-away themes. Online Discovery Sheets

What is IDEA using for its virtual classroom?

IDEA Public Schools is using Microsoft Teams – a software that is safe, secure, and provides multiple options for learning.

What is a virtual classroom?

IDEA’s Virtual Classrooms are Internet-based “rooms” where students will receive lessons through video, attend class with the teacher, assignments, take quizzes, or other ways their teachers have decided to support their Distance Learning.

How is this different than a typical IDEA classroom?

The biggest difference is our students will be coming to class from the safety of their own homes!

What should we do when we log in?

When your child first logs in, they should be greeted by the classes they have been enrolled in by their teachers. Clicking on the class allows the student to begin interacting with their lessons immediately – but please consult the daily schedule for specifics.

How can I or my child get technical support if we are having issues?

Our technical support team is standing by! Please use the button on this website to submit a ticket for assistance.