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by Grace Champlin 4 min read

PCS Helpdesk

Need technology help? The PCS Helpdesk provides support with Aeries, ParentSquare, computer hardware/software/peripherals, iPads, Chromebooks, digital curriculum, internet connectivity, app/extension requests, and more.

Internet Filter Bypass

On campus, connect to the PCS-Staff wireless network using your username (first part of email address w/out; eg. jsmith) and petk12 account password, for staff level access to the internet.


The Linewize internet filter includes an online classroom management tool for use with Chromebooks and the Chrome browser. Classwize Login Classwize Training Videos

ParentSquare Communication

Login to the ParentSquare Website to view school and District messages and to communicate with families.

Password Reset, petk12 account

Go to https://resetpassword.petk12. org/ and select the “Reset Password” option beneath the Login button. This will initiate an email including a link to reset your password.

Digital Video Equipment Kits

Fill out the form to checkout Digital Video Equipment Kits from the District Office.

Digital Citizenship Resources

Common Sense Media provides free, research-based resources for educators, parents, and children to help navigate living in the digital age. Educator resources include digital citizenship lesson plans and training, as well as Ed Tech reviews and advice.