https isd 196 parent portal

by Rory Kautzer DDS 7 min read

How does District 196 work with parents and guardians?

District 196 is committed to working with parents and guardians to ensure they have the tools needed to support student achievement. The information and resources linked in this section are designed to keep parents connected to their child’s academic success.

What kind of preschools are available in District 196?

Preschool options for District 196 resident 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds including 4-year-old preschool at 13 school sites across District 196. Every Connections Preschool class gives children an opportunity to interact with other children in fun, engaging activities while learning important skills.

What kind of resources does District 196 offer?

Community Education(opens in new window/tab) District 196 TV Facilities and Grounds Finance Gifted and Talent Development Human Growth and Development Human Resources Legal Counsel Mail Processing Mental Health Resources(opens in new window/tab) Multilingual Resources Print Shop and Graphics Special Education Student Information Technology

How do I get my Child's ID from the parent portal?

Follow the Parent Portal access instructions in the email. Check if you have a Parent Portal account. If you have not set up an account, please contact the school office where one of your children attends to set up a time to show your ID and receive your instructions in person.


What is the district 196?

The District 196 Student Testing and Assessment Center is responsible for all district wide achievement testing. The assessment center staff work on implementation of state graduation standards; administer district, state and national tests; collect other information to support revision and development of curricular and instructional programs; and report data to the School Board, the Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council (CIAC), and the public.

What is an elementary report card?

Elementary report cards. A report card is one component of a communication system between home and school. It’s purpose is to communicate a student’s achievement, behavior, and effort based on district grade level expectations and standards at designated times throughout the year.