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by Mr. Jonathon Greenfelder MD 6 min read

What is the Boston Children's Hospital Symptom Checker?

Powered by Boston Children’s Hospital, this online tool helps you evaluate your sick child’s symptoms and ensure he or she receives the most appropriate care . The Symptom Checker provides condition and treatment information for the most common symptoms for children up to age 14.

Is parenthood easy?

We know that parenthood isn’t easy. That’s why we’re here to provide help and peace of mind. Our Parent Portal guides you with valuable tools, resources and information to support your child’s health and make parenting a bit easier.


Want to know more about what your child is doing in the classroom? Visit their specific class page for more info!


Want to get involved but don't quite know where to start? Visit our Parent's Club page for ways to get involved!


Looking for support and along your parenting journey? Visit our Life Resources page for more info!


Children through fifth grade learn about Jesus in exciting and interactive ways involving both large and small groups.


Sixth graders learn about the history, practices, and beliefs of the Christian faith from a United Methodist perspective.


Middle and high school students have a safe place to ask questions, develop friendships, and pursue Christ through worship, biblical teaching, and service.


College students are met where they are and invited into a growing relationship with God, our church family, and each other.

belong Disability Ministry

Belong disABILITY Ministry welcomes people of all abilities, ages, and faith to be part of an adaptive, inclusive community at HPUMC.


HPUMC provides opportunities for adults to worship, grow, help others, and enjoy the lives God has given us.

Family Ministry at HPUMC

Committed to partnering with parents to help families grow in their faith and become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ, together.

1932: HPUMC sponsors 200 families during the Great Depression years

The church carried a tremendous social service load in 1932, supporting over 200 families. Various groups within the church set up a small loan fund for needy students; others undertook social service work in West Dallas; and everyone participated in an outpouring of food and clothing throughout the year.

1966: Special Needs program begins called "Our Class for Exceptional Children"

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Nelson, Jr., who recently became members of the church agreed to accept the responsibility of teaching a class for exceptional children.

2000: "Night OWLS" begins for families with Special Needs children

Night OWLS (Out With Loving Sitters), a respite program for families with Special Needs, was first established in 2000. Night OWLS invites children (to age 13) with special needs and their siblings come to HPUMC on the first or third Friday night for activities and programs designed for them.