hopkins parent portal login

by Tatum Brown 10 min read

What is Hopkins parents?

Hopkins parents play a crucial role in the educational lives of their children and in the success of the School. We hope that this website will be a valuable tool for the Hopkins parent community, a vehicle of frequent communication and collaboration between home and school. On this page, you will find highlights of the many resources and activities available to parents.

What are Saturday hours at Hopkins?

Saturday Hours: for those students who have been tardy too many times during the school week or have run afoul of other rules; they must come to Hopkins on Saturday morning to do course work in a supervised study hall.

What is the parent association?

The Parent Association supports the full range of the school's objectives by: Encouraging & promoting volunteerism in all appropriate aspects of school life. Providing information and guidance to parents on issues related to school, adolescence, and parenting; support for students, faculty, and parents; and outreach to prospective students ...

What is Powerschool Gradebook?

The Powerschool Gradebook allows parents to keep track of student grades and attendance. Usernames and passwords to login to the gradebook can be obtained at your student’s school office.

What is school messenger?

School Messenger keeps you and your family updated on important school news, such as school closings and delays. This portal will help you manage the contacts to be notified.