hawthorne high school nj parent portal

by Emmet Kling II 3 min read

What is the mission of Hawthorne Public Schools?

Hawthorne Public Schools. The mission of the Hawthorne Public School District is to provide a safe and challenging learning environment that fosters a love of learning. In doing so, pupils shall be able to reach their maximum potential in accordance with their specific individual needs, abilities and talents.

Will Hawthorne be a mask optional test site for SATS?

Please be advised that Hawthorne High School will be a mask optional test site for SATs on Saturday, March 12th. Please be sure to bring your test ticket and a photo ID to enter the test site.

Why Hawthorne High School of manufacturing and engineering?

The Hawthorne High School of Manufacturing and Engineering is committed to providing a strong foundation in mathematics and science and developing innovators who design and implement practical solutions to meet the ever-changing societal challenges of today and tomorrow.


How to update parent portal?

How to Update your Parent Portal Contact Information: 1. Login to the Parent Portal. 2. Click on "Contacts" on the left hand side of the page. 3. Review your contact information for accuracy. 4. If changes are required, click on "Update Information" on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Does NJ require parent to report military service?

1. The State of NJ mandates that we report on whether the student’s parent or guardian is on Active Duty, in the National Guard, or in the Reserve components of the United States military services. Please answer yes or no to the following question.

Open House

Please click on READ FULL STORY for links needed to participate. Haga clic en READ FULL STORY para obtener los enlaces necesarios para participar.

AIR Tutors

AirTutors is an individual tutoring session via a videoconferencing platform. Every student in CV has access to this service and we want the students to utilize it at least an hour per week. Click the yellow AIR Tutor link above for more information.

Collaboration Monday

Most Mondays are Collaboration Monday. On those Mondays school starts at 9:30am. Click the title 'Collaboration Monday' to view the HHS Collaboration Calendar.