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Why choose Harrison High School?

Moving to Harrison About Harrison High School Harrison High School believes the most important endeavor of a community is the commitment of parents, community members, and educators to ensure an enriching and empowering education for all of its children. Welcome to Harrison High School

What are the student publications for Harrison High School?

Student Publications School Nurse HHS PTA Information Food Delivery Registration Library Resources 2021-2022 Yearbook Information Curriculum Curriculum & Instruction Arts - Fine & Performing Business Program English As A New Language English Language Arts Guidance - Harrison High School Library Media Programs Mathematics & Computer Science

What is William Henry Harrison High School?

William Henry Harrison High School is located in West Lafayette near Purdue University, serving approximately 1,900 students in grades nine through twelve. Harrison employs an experienced, dedicated, and caring staff who promote and foster a strong academic focus with programs that provide challenges and high achievement.

What elementary schools are in Harrison County?

Harrison High School Louis M. Klein Middle School Harrison Avenue Elementary Parsons Memorial Elementary Samuel J. Preston Elementary Purchase Elementary Facebook(opens in new window/tab) Twitter(opens in new window/tab) Skip to Main Content Home Schools Harrison High School Louis M. Klein Middle School Harrison Avenue Elementary


Latest News

The Harrison High School cheerleaders compete this Friday for a state title in conference 4A Performance Cheer division. This is the first time Harrison has competed in cheerleading in 20 years. The . . .


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It Is Us!

The Cincinnati Bengals’ historic season has unified our community and the entire tri-state. None of our students (and many of our staff members) were alive for the last Bengals’ Super Bowl appearance in 1989. The memories made these

Final Semester Senior Planner

Parents and Seniors in the Class of 2022, It’s hard to believe, but seniors have embarked upon the last semester of their high school career! The next few months will fly by, and they will be sporting their cap and gown in no time! On Friday,

Building Substitute Teachers and Aides Needed

Southwest Local Schools is seeking community members who enjoy working with students to be substitute teachers and substitute teaching assistants (aides). School substitutes have choice of assignments and which days they work. Ohio has passed a


We believe that technology is a necessary and valuable tool for communication among parents, students, teachers and administrators.

Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

Students will improve reading comprehension skills across the curriculum.

Stakeholder Involvement

Harrison regularly works diligently to improve and encourage student success b y implementing and communicating our school purpose to all stakeholders. Our leadership encourages and supports rigorous programs to challenge students of all levels. Leadership continuously adapts and promotes new ideas that support student learning and thinking.

Governance and Leadership

The governing body structures policies and practices that promote responsible operation of our facilities. They allow leaders some autonomy to meet goals and achievement within our school. Leaders have had to work diligently to provide enough staffing needs for our school to maintain decent class sizes and workloads for teachers.

Teaching and Assessing for Learning

Our school's curriculum, instruction, and assessment are examined and shifts are made as needed. Our curriculum challenges students of various levels, from AP Honors to Basic Remedial and Special Services classes. Teachers work diligently to create dynamic, differentiated lesson plans using a variety of strategies.

Resources and Support Systems

Harrison has qualified staff and support staff that promote the purpose and direction.

Continuous Improvement

Leadership consistently communicates to staff the information needed to support student achievement and learning; leadership also communicates regularly with staff, students, and parents concerning school improvement goal information and updates.