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by Lilla Kertzmann 8 min read

What is Harley's protocol?

Harley has developed protocols and procedures for how to respond to positive or presumed-positive COVID-19 cases, as well as preventative practices for safely caring for a student, faculty, or staff member if they develop symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day.

What is Harley-Davidson's programming?

Harley will provide programming to support parents and guardians in multiple areas. Already identified areas include: technology support, assistance with our Learning Management System (Schoology), mental health and wellness programming, and parent-to-parent social interactions.

What is remote learning?

Remote Learning. The remote learning model for all students occurs when on-campus learning is not feasible or allowed by state or local order. Harley has developed three different versions of remote learning: short-term, long-term individual, and long-term group models.

Does Harley-Davidson do a health screening?

If an individual does not complete the health screening and temperature check prior to arriving at school, Harley will perform a health screening before allowing the individual to attend classes, report to work, or enter the building. COVID-19 Testing.

Is interscholastic athletics allowed in New York?

The Governor has announced that interscholastic athletics are not currently permitted and will review this decision by September 21. At this time, Harley is utilizing the New York State Public High School Athletic Association’s (NYSPHSAA) “Roadmap to Return to Interscholastic Athletics, Rev. 004” to guide its decision making process regarding athletics. We will develop our full plan for athletics in collaboration with our partner school, Allendale Columbia, as more guidance is provided by the State. Interested parties may visit the NYSPHSAA COVID-19 website by clicking HERE.

Does Harley-Davidson require a health check?

Harley will require a daily health screening of employees and students, and where applicable, contractors, vendors, and visitors (including parents) who enter our buildings. This health screening will include a required temperature check that meets state guidelines.

Does Harley have a diagnostic testing facility?

Testing Protocols: Harley is in the process of establishing a relationship with a testing facility for the provision of COVID-19 diagnostic testing. Harley will refer individuals to that testing facility, their personal health care provider, or other resources as designated by the Monroe County Board of Health. Harley has developed plans for symptomatic individuals, the close contacts of COVID-19 suspected or confirmed individuals, and individuals with recent travel to one of the states/countries on the NYS Travel advisory list, and will share our testing requirements with these individuals before allowing such individuals to return to school in person.


This handbook sets out some of the agreements that have been reached over the years in the Upper School community at The Harley School. Herein are certain basic expectations and procedures at the School. Such guidelines are anything but trivial: the foundations of any true community include such agreements.

Faculty and Staff

We are a diverse, inclusive school. We provide a balanced education that prepares our students to meet the challenges of tomorrow and lead lives of great purpose.

Welcome from the Head of Middle School

Welcome to the 2019–2020 school year. We are pleased to offer the Middle School Hand- book to Middle School families to keep you informed, set a positive tone for academic life, and ensure the welfare of the Middle School community. We encourage you to reference the handbook throughout the school year.

Faculty and Staff

We are a diverse, inclusive school. We provide a balanced education that prepares our students to meet the challenges of tomorrow and lead lives of great purpose.