habitat parent portal

by Retha Oberbrunner 9 min read

How does the parent portal work at habitat?

Tracking milestones, preserving memories and creating a beautiful record of your child’s academic progress – it’s all part of the Habitat experience. What’s the Parent Portal? Follow your child’s progress in real time through our custom-built Parent Portal.

What is the email address for the habitatschool website?

+97167315151 info@ajm.habitatschool.org News Feed No data available PreviousNext Circulars Fee Pending please click here to download the attachment GWR Official Attempt on 10th January 2022

Who is the Chief Administrative Officer of habitat school?

CEO Academics, Habitat Schools Mr. Adil CT delivered Key note address, and the function was felicitated by Wasim Yousef,Dean-Academics, Sunita Chibber, Chief Administrative Officer. Suresh Sukumar, Program coordinator explained the objectives and methodology of the Tutorship Programme.

What is the previousnext habitat tutorship program?

Please click here to download the attachment PreviousNext CURRENT Events No data available PreviousNext HABITAT TUTORSHIP PROGRAM The objective of the program is to prepare and equip them to write the CBSE board exams well and be able to achieve better results overall. The launch event was on October, 2018 at 9.00 am.


What is Habitat Schoolhouse?

Habitat Schoolhouse is an online community that provides support and free resources, curricula, workbooks, and programs for homeschoolers.

Is Habitat Schoolhouse doubling their content?

Not only is Habitat Schoolhouse doubling their content releases for 2021 but they will also be introducing all new and original full-length video episodes to their members and viewers for free! Check out this article to get the scoop on what’s coming up for 2021!