h s paul school parent portal

by Shanon Waters 8 min read

What is St Paul's School’s parent portal?

An online portal for access to secure information such as schedules, grades, and billing statements, as well as additional views into daily life at St. Paul’s School. A gathering on campus in October each year. A volunteer group that facilitates communications between parents and coordinates events throughout the school year.

What is the parent portal and what is in it?

The Parent Portal also contains the latest information regarding the school’s return to school information, Covid-19 risk assessments and management plans, shuttle bus services and the remote learning provision. St Paul’s School Parent Evening bookings – click here if you are a parent wishing to book into a parents’ evening.

Where can parents find more information about SPS?

Below are links to a few resources available for parents. Current parents should log in to the secure Parent Resource Board to access all other information. Keeping families in the know is a St. Paul's School priority. SPS.edu is our hub for general information, but if your child is accepted to SPS, you will learn more about:

What grade levels can access the parent portal?

Access to the Parent Portal is currently available for students of all grade levels, but it is most beneficial to students in grades 1st – 12th. Parents of kindergarten students should not rely on the Parent Portal for grade information.


Parents' Groups - St Paul's Juniors

We are hugely grateful for the investment of time and energy that volunteers give.

Parents' Group - St Paul's School

The Parents’ Group encourages and enables greater parental involvement in the non-academic life of the school.