gt parents portal

by Miss Dejah Bradtke MD 4 min read

How do you activate Parent Portal?

Portal has been replaced with a new parent portal application called ParentVUE. To access ParentVUE, parents will need to activate a new parent portal account. In order to activate your account, MCPS parents will receive an account activation letter that includes a unique Activation Key or URL necessary for setting up a ParentVUE account.

How do you create a parent portal?

Create a parent portal account. NOTE: You will NOT need to obtain a PIN number for your student. Log into Parent Portal. On the left side of the home screen you will see tabs listed as Portal, School Information, Preferences, etc. Select the “Forms” tab. Select the “Online Applications” box which will appear under the “Forms” tab.

How do I enable the parent portal?

To turn on the option:

  • Go to School District Admin Main > Options
  • Click Options under the column heading SBL Options
  • Edit
  • Check Student/Parent Portal Overview
  • Save

How to access parent portal?

Parent Portal

  • Proxy Access. ...
  • Passphrase (FERPA) FERPA rules apply and the Passphrase does not permit the Financial Aid Office to disclose FAFSA information to non-custodial parents.
  • Student Instructions: Authorize assigned Proxy. ...
  • Proxy Instructions: Create an Account. ...
  • Access Parent Portal. ...
  • Quick reference guide. ...


What is GT Portal?

The GT Portal is a secure online tool that supports people who use self-direction. Log in from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You’ll see features that are just for you—whether you’re a participant getting care, a caregiver offering support, or a case manager or agency making sure self-direction is working for others.

How many caregivers are there in GT Portal?

When looking for caregivers for people choosing self-direction, look no further than the GT Portal. Its directory includes more than 30,000 active, qualified professionals ready to help. Quickly access and review a caregiver’s training, certification, background check dates, languages, and contact information.

How to check my time on GT?

You can review your time entries from the portal or the Caregiver app by GT. You can also check the status of your approved time and payment.

Can you approve a caregiver's timesheet?

Review and approve your caregiver’s timesheets. You can also learn if the person you’re choosing to be your caregiver is eligible to be hired through self-direction.

What is the Institute's relationship with parents?

The Institute views its relationships with parents and families as crucial partnerships for helping students succeed.

What is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is a federal statute which gives students certain rights with regard to their education records. Read more. Calendars. The official dates that define an academic term, including deadlines and holidays. Read more.

Who sets the rules for classification of students for tuition purposes?

The rules for classification of students for tuition purposes are set by the Board of Regents.