graniteschools parent portal

by Chloe Gislason 6 min read

What is the Granite School District portal?

The Granite School District Portalprovides staff, students, and parents with web-based access to many district services and programs. Some district services can only be accessed via the Portal, while others are also linked there for convenience and accessibility.

Is Granite School District accessible to students with disabilities?

Commitment to Accessibility The Granite School District is committed to making our content accessible to all members of the public and district, including those with disabilities. If this applies to you, and you would like to provide feedback or report a concern, please contact our Communications Office.

How do I log in to the parent portal?

On a desktop web browser, the login page includes the district logo and links to reset passwords and register for the parent portal. Mobile devices only display a simple login form. On either version of the login page, enter your username and password, then click Log In.

What is the parent portal in Canyon Creek?

Parent Portal Parents can set up Portal accounts to access information and services for their students, including report cards, test results, Gradebook, PayPAM school lunch payments, Canvas online classrooms (for secondary students), registration (for secondary students), parent-teacher conference scheduling via Canyon Creek Scheduler, and more.


Can parents access student grades?

Parents/Guardian are able to access their student’s Gradebook to see assignment & assessments, scores, attendance, etc.

Can parents access the Granite School District Portal?

All parents or guardians can create a parent account to access the Granite School District Portal. In the Portal, parents or guardians are able to see all of their students and their students’ Gradebooks, view and print report cards and state test results, access Canvas, schedule parent-teacher conferences, pay for lunch, and even update a phone number or email address.

What is the Granite Portal?

The Granite Portal: The portal shows you information about all of your students such as current schedules, Grades, Attendance, Graduation Requirements, Test scores, fees, lunch balance and more. It also gives you some basic information about the schools your students attend. It also is gateway to other applications such as Pay Pams, Grade book, and your students schools Web Stores. The portal is designed to be a single location for you to get to all the information you may need. You will be prompted for your username and password the first time you access Pay Pams or the Web Store through the portal. The password for those applications is then stored in a lockbox for ease of application access in the future.

How to create a parent portal for a school?

1. Go to: 2. Click on Gradebook/Parent Portal Registration. 3. Read the Information and click “ Register in the Parent Portal ”. 4. Fill in the information needed in the fields marked with an Asterisk *, then click “ Create Account .”. 5.

Where is parent info on a student's dashboard?

2) Off the dashboard, you will see parent info at the top and students listed on the left side along with their Student ID # and School.

What is Granite School District Portal?

The Granite School District Portal provides staff, students, and parents with web-based access to many district services and programs. Some district services can only be accessed via the Portal, while others are also linked there for convenience and accessibility.

How to access Granite School District employee portal?

To access the Employee Portal, visit http://portal.graniteschools.organd log in with your Active Directory credentials. (You can also find a link to the Portal in the sidebar of every school web site and on the front page of the Granite School District web site.)

What is SSI portal?

Many of these resources have SSI (“single sign in ”) enabled, which means that once you have entered your username and password to access the Portal you will not need to enter it again when accessing these other resources through the Portal links.

What is the accountmenu?

The Accountmenu gives you options to change your password and set password challenge questions in case you forget your password.

What is the home dashboard in Portal?

When students log in to the Portal, they will first encounter a Home dashboard which includes a few Defaulttiles, a list of your Recenttiles, and Favorites. (You can right click on any tile to add it to your Favorites so it shows up on the home screen.)

How to log out of the Portal?

You can log outof the Portal by clicking the exit icon in the top right corner of the screen. This would be highly recommended when you are accessing the Portal from a public computer.

What is the Learning Resourcesmenu?

The Learning Resourcesmenu features district learning tools and links to other digital learning resources.