granite canvas parent portal

by Lonie Adams 8 min read

How do I login to the granite parent portal?

Go to Granite Portal On a desktop web browser, the login page includes the district logo and links to reset passwords and register for the parent portal. Mobile devices only display a simple login form. On either version of the login page, enter your username and password, then click Log In.

What is the canvas training for granite secondary teachers?

This presentation introduces a self-paced Canvas training course created specifically for Granite secondary teachers by a collaborative team of library media educational technology specialists. From the course description, “whether you are a beginner at Canvas or a full fledged Space Ranger, this course will take you to Canvas and Beyond.

How do I set up my Portal as a parent?

This guide has been created to assist parents in how to set up their portal and to guide them through to show what they can have access to as parents. Parents will need to go to Webnetworks and set up their Portal Account in order to access their students Gradebook, view Fees, fines, Testing scores, etc.


Canvas Guides

These official guides and video tutorials are regularly updated as the Canvas platform receives changes and enhancements. Follow the links below to see the latest versions.

Canvas – The Fundamental Five for Parents and Students

This question will be dependent on how each teacher builds and curates the content in their course.

Canvas Professional Development for Granite Teachers

Teachers can visit the Canvas pages of our Granite TIPs Course (not coincidentally housed in Canvas) for more help and learning in using Canvas.

Canvas Questions?

If you are a student or parent, please contact your teachers with any additional questions about Canvas.

What is the Granite Portal?

The Granite Portal: The portal shows you information about all of your students such as current schedules, Grades, Attendance, Graduation Requirements, Test scores, fees, lunch balance and more. It also gives you some basic information about the schools your students attend. It also is gateway to other applications such as Pay Pams, Grade book, and your students schools Web Stores. The portal is designed to be a single location for you to get to all the information you may need. You will be prompted for your username and password the first time you access Pay Pams or the Web Store through the portal. The password for those applications is then stored in a lockbox for ease of application access in the future.

How to create a parent portal for a school?

1. Go to: 2. Click on Gradebook/Parent Portal Registration. 3. Read the Information and click “ Register in the Parent Portal ”. 4. Fill in the information needed in the fields marked with an Asterisk *, then click “ Create Account .”. 5.

Gradebook for Parents

Parents/Guardian are able to access their student’s Gradebook to see assignment & assessments, scores, attendance, etc.

Gradebook – Mobile Version

The Gradebook is formatted to be mobile-friendly. It can be use on either iOS devices or Android devices. Step by step installation instructions can be found here.

Creating a Parent Portal Account

All parents or guardians can create a parent account to access the Granite School District Portal.

Login Help for Student Apps

Basic login information help for many of the common apps that students are using in their classrooms.

What is Granite School District Portal?

Granite Portal. The Granite School District portal provides convenient access to many websites used by staff, students, and parents. Some websites can only be accessed through the portal, but for others you can bypass the portal and go directly to the site.

Can you access the portal without webpass?

The portal may display a warning that webPass is missing. You can access the full functionality of the portal without using webPass, so feel free to click Cancel. After a successful login, the portal displays three rows of tiles.