glastonbury hig school parent portal

by Ewald Lemke 4 min read

How can I work at Glastonbury public schools?

Glastonbury Public Schools is looking to hire. We are particularly looking for day-to-day substitute teachers, part-time paraprofessionals, tutors, bus/van drivers, part-time custodians, and food services staff. If you have good interpersonal and communication skills and interact well with students, staff and the public, please consider applying.

Where can I find the PowerSchool district code for Glastonbury?

PowerSchool also provides a mobile app found in the App store by searching "PowerSchool Mobile". The District Code for Glastonbury Public Schools is PQMN. You may also search for the code by clicking on "Where is my district code" or "Help" and enter Glastonbury Public Schools.

How do I Reset my Glastonbury student username and password?

Click here for the directions to restablish your connection. First log into your email and add to your contacts or address book. Then go to the Student and Parent Sign In screen and click on the "Forgot Username or Password?” link at the bottom of the screen.

What is Glastonbury public schools doing to promote equity diversity and inclusion?

Glastonbury Public Schools is actively working to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our schools. Please visit our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion website for more information, including steps we are taking to promote our district’s EDI work.


How do parents get involved in school?

There are numerous opportunities throughout the school year for parents to get involved—by attending and supporting school events, by sharing time and talents with our schools, and by communicating and collaborating directly with teachers, staff, administrators, and Board of Education members.

How can parents positively affect their children's growth and success in school?

As you guide your children through their educational journey, we encourage you to stay involved with their schooling . Every parent can positively affect their child’s growth and success in school with open communication and active participation .

How are school report cards distributed?

All report cards will be distributed electronically via a secure School Messenger email.

When does the principal send an email to parents?

The school principal will send an email message through our notification system to remind parents when it is mid-quarter, a good time to check in on student progress.

How often are special area reports distributed?

Special Area reports for Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish are distributed twice each year.

What is the purpose of the Glastonbury High School video?

The Connecticut Association of Schools/CIAC created this video in conjunction with the Glastonbury Public Schools AV Department to highlight how Glastonbury High School honors veterans each year.

What is the GHS parent organization?

The GHS Parents' Organization fosters the support and involvement of parents and guardians in the activities of GHS. Please click above to learn how you can get involved.

Who can create a support ticket for school tech issues?

Students, parents, and staff members can create a support ticket for any school tech issue they may be experiencing.

How to get a parking pass at GHS?

Please click below to complete the permit application and pay for your permit. Then print your receipt and bring it to the GHS front lobby security desk . You will also need to show your drivers license to receive your permit.

GHS Online Course Registration for 2021-2022

Please review the Program of Studies and the Registration Directions below. The Program of Studies contains valuable information about matters relating to your course requests including course descriptions, prerequisites, lengths of class meeting times, course credit values, changes in program offerings, and credit requirements for graduation.

Course Placement and Leveling Sites

Please review the following curriculum department websites for information regarding criteria for course placements. If you have questions about class placement after reviewing the above websites, please contact your child's teacher or school counselor.