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How to contact Fairfax County public schools Economic Development Authority?

Main Address 12000 Government Center PkwyFairfax, VA 22035 Phone 703-FAIRFAX TTY 711 Site Tools Site Tools Website AccessibilityTranslateDownload Mobile App Support Support ADA Accessibility FOIA Requests Website Administrator Additional Resources Additional Resources Fairfax County Public Schools Economic Development Authority Visit Fairfax

What does myfairfax do for residents?

RESIDENTS BUSINESS GOVERNMENT SERVICES CONNECT SEARCH MyFairfax Login MyFairfaxis your home to conduct key online transactions with the county. This is an ongoing customer service initiative to provide you with faster and easier access to your county information in a secure environment.

How do I contact the Fairfax VA department of State?

12000 Government Center PkwyFairfax, VA 22035 Phone 703-FAIRFAX TTY 711 Site Tools Site Tools Website AccessibilityTranslateDownload Mobile App Support Support ADA Accessibility

Is the Parent Resource Center Open in December?

The Parent Resource Center will be closed from December 20-December 31. We will reopen on January 3, 2022. PRC PACKS: Prepackaged Materials Ready for Checkout! . We’re here to help. We offer a welcoming and engaging environment for families, educators, and community members.


What is Fairfax County Parents Association?

Fairfax County Parents Association is a nonpartisan volunteer grassroots organization of parents that seeks to ensure students are the first priority in Fairfax County Public Schools. This is accomplished by educating parents about the governance and administration of the school system and empowering parents to advocate on behalf of their children. We seek to ensure the school board is governed in accordance with the law, specifically that the roles are non-partisan. The FCPA will work to support teachers and staff of the school system to aid their efforts to educate our children.

What is FCPA in Fairfax County?

After a year of grassroots advocacy under the OpenFCPS banner, parents have incorporated the Fairfax County Parents Association (“FCPA”) to continue the nonpartisan work that began with advocating for in person learning consistent with health expert guidance. Parents came together in June 2020 to advocate for their children when it became apparent that the school board prioritized politics over education in Fairfax County. Parents learned that politics had dominated the selection of leaders in the public school system and guided decisions contrary to the mental health and academic needs of students.

What is SIS parent account?

The SIS Parent Account website connects authorized users to the information already gathered and stored by the FCPS Student Information System related to their children who are FCPS students. The information that is collected from you and about you (such as your e-mail address) is visible only to you and to authorized FCPS teachers and school staff. FCPS protects its records in accordance with applicable Federal and Virginia laws--including, but not limited to, the Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act and the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (Va FOIA).Your data should not become available to third parties unless (i) provided for otherwise in this Privacy Policy; (ii) your consent is obtained, such as when you choose to opt-in or opt-out for the sharing of data; (iii) a service provided on our site requires interaction with a third party, or is provided by a third party, such as an application service provider; (iv) pursuant to legal action or law enforcement; (v) it is found that your use of this site violates the site editor's policy, terms of service, or other usage guidelines, or if it is deemed reasonably necessary by the site editor to protect the site editor's legal rights, network security and/or property. In the event you choose to use links displayed on this website to visit other websites, you are advised to read the privacy policies published on those sites.

What is the FCPS?

L. 90–247, as amended, which sets forth requirements governing protection of the right to privacy of educational records, and affords parents and eligible students the right to inspect such records. For more specific information, see "Management of the Student Scholastic Record" https://www.fcps.edu/sites/default/files/media/forms/Management%20of%20the%20Student%20Scholastic%20Record.pdf.

What is FCPS security?

FCPS implements administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the personal information which it maintains. Likewise, we urge you to take precautions to protect your personal data. Such precautions may include installing virus protection software and updating your system, selecting a strong password and never sharing it, locking the device and/or logging out of the application when you leave it, and refraining from clicking on suspicious links or opening suspicious files.

What is the policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia?

It is the policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia that personal information regarding its citizens will be collected by government only to the extent necessary to provide the service or benefit desired; that only appropriate information will be collected; and that the citizen shall understand the reason the information is collected and be able to examine his or her personal record.

Does FCPS collect credit card information?

FCPS collects information based on the "need-to-know" principle. This site does not collect sensitive information such as social security number, driver's license number, bank account number, or credit card number from any students or parents.

Does FCPS have a warranty?

Consequently, the site editor can offer no warranty or guaranty with regard to FCPS' maintenance or non-disclosure of data.

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Parents use their Student Information System (SIS) Parent account to log in to Schoology.

General Information

Schoology is the learning management system that will be used divisionwide in fall 2021. It is a learning space that supports instructional practices aligned to the FCPS Learning Model and helps students reach Portrait of a Graduate goals.


If you need to recover a forgotten password or change your password please visit the password management page.

What is a Schoology parent account?

Schoology Parent Account Provides: access to view your child’s courses, groups, assignments, and calendar. Parents can also check messages, adjust their notification settings, and access additional groups or courses if they are enrolled as members.

How to get weekly reports from SIS?

All parents/guardians of Middle School and High School students who have registered for a SIS ParentVUE Account and have a primary email address recorded in SIS ParentVUE can receive Weekly Progress Reports via email. This report provides a summary of your student (s) grades for the current quarter. To activate the Weekly Progress Reports via email, login to your SIS ParentVUE Account and first verify that you have a primary email address within the system. It is listed under the “My Account” tab. If it is blank, enter the email address where you would like to receive the progress reports and click on update account. Once confirmed, parents/guardians are able to activate and select their preferences for receiving these reports within the SIS ParentVUE “My Account” tab.

Does FCPS use SIS?

FCPS Elementary Schools do not use the SIS grade book and therefore are not included in these reports. For questions about a specific progress report or grade you can login into your SIS ParentVUE Account to find detailed grade book information.