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by Mr. Rupert Harris MD 5 min read

National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week takes place April 19-25. Most years, we celebrate the week in schools by thanking the hundreds of volunteers across EIPS who offer their knowledge and time to help enhance learning within the Division. This year is different. We’re facing a global pandemic, and all in-school classes are cancelled until further notice.

Thin Ice

Remember, be aware of thin ice this time of year. Depending on changing temperatures, ice can form and melt to varying degrees on outdoor bodies of water. Please remind your child about the dangers of thin ice, obey all posted signs, take the proper care and remain a safe distance from the ice.

Inclement Weather

With the winter season already here, we want to remind parents to dress children appropriately for the weather when getting ready for school or the bus. The weather often changes unexpectedly throughout the day, so please select suitable outerwear and ensure your child is prepared for changing conditions.

Ask us!

This area of the web site is for all of your questions!! We try to answer as many of your questions and inquiries as we can and in a timely fashion.

I am moving into the school's boundary area, how do I register?

Find all of the information and forms you need to register on our registration page.

What is the cell phone policy?

Students are not allowed to carry cell phones throughout the day. All cell phones must be kept in lockers. Students are allowed to use them during break and lunch only. Digital courtesy is expected at all times . If this privilege is abused, parents will be required to pick up the phone from an Administrator.

How to Stay Connected

Weekly Hawk's View - emailed to our families and posted on Home page of website.


F.R. Haythorne provides comprehensive educational programming for grades 7-9 students with regular and special education programs. In addition to excellent core subject instruction, regular and modified students are offered a wide range of compulsory and optional complementary courses at various grade levels.


F.R. Haythorne has five system based special education classes. The three GOALS classrooms (grades 7-9) are designed to meet the needs of students with mild cognitive disabilities. The focus of this program is on basic academics as well as life skills and social development.


Through the building of relationships we create an environment that inspires everyone to be well rounded, grounded, respectful and committed to learning.

Programs and Services

Knowing how to learn is a skill that comes with time. We recognize the need for students not just to receive instruction, but how to access and apply it. BIONIC is a class that helps to build students capacity as learners through the Health curriculum.

Stay up to date with Student Information!

To stay up to date with all of Bev Facey's student information, click https://www.bevfacey.ca/students

Home-School Communications

To enhance communication between families and schools, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) has recently developed a Communication Protocol for Schools document to provide a framework for communication between the school and our families.