evangelical christian academy parent portal

by Mariah Stoltenberg 6 min read

How to report absences in middle school?

Absences - All student absences must be reported daily before 9:30 a.m. by calling the Middle School office at 901-754-7217 ext.1300. A note that specifies the reason for each absence is required and must be submitted to the Middle School office upon return to school.

What does ECS mean?

ECS Dictionary - (E-C-S dik-shƏ-nēr-e) noun Origin: Shelby Farms and Lower School campu s - Words and events that are part of the ECS vernacular that Eagle families need to know.

Can you purchase through a student's pedestal account?

Students must pay for their purchases through their Pedestal account. Students purchasing through their Pedestal account must have a balance to cover each purchase; students will not be able to purchase through their account if there is a zero or negative balance. No provision is made for refrigeration.