elevate dance academy parent portal

by Prof. Susan Olson 7 min read

What is Elevate Academy of Dance?

Elevate Academy of Dance offers dancers a technical but fun and enjoyable dance programme. Elevate introduces young dancers to the world of dance through a Modern Theatre syllabus as well as choreography and training from many dance styles.

What is twinklesteps ballet?

Twinklesteps is a ballet syllabus specifically designed for age 3-6 years. It covers all steps, movement and sequences in Ballet

What is EDC in the classroom?

EDC focuses on a hierarchy of measures to create a Safer Studio™ environment beginning with requiring students and staff who are ill to stay home, followed by frequent hand cleansing and good hygiene practices, amplified cleaning, and making curricular and facility adaptations to minimizing contact and mingling.

What is EDC training?

EDC is Training with Youth Protection Advocates in Dance® (YPAD)!