edadmin parent portal login

by Ciara Schimmel 6 min read

What is the GIS Ed-admin portal?

Welcome to the GIS Ed-admin Portal. This is a one-stop portal for accessing all information and services from the School. As a member of the GIS Community, you may:

How has Ed-admin changed your school's culture?

"The introduction of Ed-admin to our school has been a huge benefit. It has enabled us to keep accurate records for staff, parents, contacts, class lists, assessments, attendance, accounts, etc. We have now gone almost paperless using Ed-admin for communicating with our parents, sending school reports, and creation of other management reports."

What is the parent portal?

The Parent Portal is a facility that allows parents and guardians of current pupils at Rhodes Park School to access: It also enables easy communication with teachers and academic management. In addition, parents can update their contact details and emergency information.

What are people saying about Ed-admin?

"I love Ed-Admin for the accounts!" "We have recently started using Ed-admin and before making the move had tried a number of systems at our school. Ed-admin was the only one that combined all of our needs into one system that's easy to use and brings together our staff, parents, students and alumni in one ecosystem."


Edana Parent Portal App

Through our Parent Portal App, you can access all the information relating to your child’s school journey.

Edana Staff Portal App

The Staff Portal App allows teachers and administrators to view and edit information related to classes, student profiles and more.

Edana Student Portal App

Give students everything they need to manage their education. Students can attend online classes, viewing class schedules and submit assignments, all from their phones.

Edana Alumni Portal App

Stay in touch with past students with our Alumni Portal app. Alumni can manage their own data and keep connected with their former institutions.