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How do I sign up for Parent Portal?

  • Open Canvas URL. In a browser window, enter your school's Canvas URL (e.g. ...
  • Create Canvas Account. Click the Need a Canvas Account? ...
  • Sign Up As a Parent (Free Account) Click the Parents sign up here link.
  • Enter Signup Details. Enter your name in the Your Name field. ...
  • Begin Observing. You can begin observing your student in Canvas immediately. ...

What is the purpose of an Early Learning Coalition?

We will be on-purpose when we flawlessly execute the following mission directives:

  • Responsibly administer federal, state, and local funds;
  • Cultivate sound staff development and growth;
  • Create teaching opportunities for dedicated early childhood educators;
  • Encourage, teach, and strengthen economic self-sufficiency for families through access to community services and resources;

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How to access parent portal?

To access the Schedule menu in the Client Portal:

  • Log in to the Client Portal at members.centralreach.com
  • Click the Schedule menu on the main menu bar Or, the Appointments widget in your Dashboard provides quick access to view your upcoming appointments
  • The Calendar view defaults to week view. ...
  • Click any appointment in the calendar to view all of the appointment details

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How to sign up for the parent portal?

To access Parent Portal, you need:

  1. A valid e-mail address This email address must be on file with the child’s school. ...
  2. Your name as listed on your child’s electronic contact list Your first and last name must match how your name is listed in the school’s records. ...
  3. Three items identifying your child:


President's Message

As we move toward a new year, I would like to thank all of our early learning and community partners for their continued patience and support.

Use of Child Care and Development Funds by Sectarian Providers

General guidance, summarizing some of the most important federal requirements for religious-exempt providers about any legal duties/requirements associated with the receipt of federal grant funds.

Do you need help paying for Childcare?

Learn more about Florida’s early learning programs and use the Family Portal from the Divison of Early Learning to apply for School Readiness or VPK.

Provider's Corner

Welcome to the Provider's Corner. Here you will find the provider representatives and other information. CCR&R supports potential and current providers by offering information on starting a new child care business or enhancing your program as well as questions about VPK and School Readiness.

Early Head Start

The Neighborhood Place for Early Head Start is a year-round, federally funded program that provides comprehensive services to children ages zero to three years, in targeted zip codes of Miami-Dade County. High quality care and support at the earliest age possible is the foundation for getting children ready to learn and developing self-confidence.

Free Child Care Resource and Referral

Free Child Care Resource and Referral to all families and providers seeking information on quality early care and education programs. In Miami/Dade and Monroe call 305-646-7220 Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Professional Development Institute

The Professional Development Institute a division of the Early Learning Coalition of Miami Dade/Monroe promotes high quality educational opportunities to early childhood professionals, families and stakeholders thus creating an integrated community responsive and supportive of physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development of young children birth through age 5 and their caregivers..

Child Care Resource And Referral (CCR&R)

CCR&R is the ‘front door’ to all our programs and services, as well as the gateway to early learning resources and other community services information. Free of charge and accessible by phone, e-mail, or website to the families of Palm Beach County.

School Readiness (SR)

The School Readiness program is for children within low-income families, preparing them to start kindergarten ready to learn. Throughout Florida, the program serves families with children ranging in age from birth to five years-old.

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)

The VPK program is a free prekindergarten program for 4-year-olds who reside in Florida and were born on or before Sept.

Children's Services Council (CSC) Scholarship

CSC Scholarships were created to provide stability and continuity of care for at-risk children who are no longer eligible for state funding – locally prioritizing services for each family unit as a whole.

Early Head Start (EHS)

The EHS program provides early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive child development and family support services for 150 children (birth to 3 years-old) and their families in the areas of highest need in Palm Beach County.

Screening and Assessment

Our free developmental screenings and assessment programs within Palm Beach County provide families an opportunity to ensure their child’s development is healthy. Through screening and assessment, providers and families can find the necessary tools and activities to support each child in meeting age-appropriate milestones.

Inclusion and Early Intervention

Echoing our belief that all children deserve quality care and education, we support our providers as they work to deliver early intervention and inclusion for children with special needs in all early childhood environments throughout Palm Beach County.

What is the Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County?

The Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County (ELCAC) serves as a resource to families and child care providers. Our mission is to ensure that all children in our community have the chance to participate in enriching opportunities that allow them to explore, create, play, and grow.

Where do children learn?

We know that children are actively learning wherever they are – at home, in early learning programs, and in their communities. Parents are undeniably children’s first and most important teachers. With this in mind, we work hard to maintain a quality early learning system with programs that respect families’ individual needs.

What is school readiness?

School Readiness programs offer qualified parents the opportunity to access affordable, quality child care, allowing them to work and contribute to the community while being assured their children are safe and well cared for. Direct child care services are delivered through a comprehensive network of more than 100 contracted child care providers, including licensed centers, family child care homes, school-based programs, and faith-based programs throughout Alachua County. To enroll your child in a school readiness program, click on the Parent Portal link above.

Is preschool free in Florida?

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) (or preschool) is available free to all Florida 4-year-old children. VPK programs emphasize learning through play, using developmentally appropriate instruction and activities. Approved VPK providers prepare children to be ready for kindergarten. Approximately 1,500 children participate in Alachua County VPK programs each year. To enroll your child in a VPK program, click on the Parent Portal link above.