eanes smart tag parent portal

by Dr. Hans Hammes 8 min read

What happens if you don't have smart tags on a bus?

If a student does not have their SMART tag at the bus stop, the driver must personally log them in. This is more time consuming than students tagging in, and can delay a route, causing anxiety or late buses down the line. Because of this, those who do not have their tags are loaded and unloaded last.

What does passive ID mean?

The technology is passive, meaning that the ID card does not have a continuous signal so students will not be tracked when they are not on the bus. The ID cards only power up to talk to the SMART tag Driver Tablet when the student is on the bus.

Can a smart tag be read?

The RFID tag simply presents the 14-digit code to the SMART tag tablet RFID reader which only pulls from the student information associated with the code stored on the computer tablet. The badge cannot be read/tracked anywhere else or be read/tracked by any other product.

Does Smart Tag ID have a continuous signal?

No information is stored on a SMART tag ID badge. The SMART tag system utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and cloud-connected tablet computers. The technology is passive, meaning that the ID card does not have a continuous signal so students will not be tracked when they are not on the bus.

Does Smart tag work in Eanes ISD?

Families who do not reside in Eanes ISD and are not staff are not eligible to receive bus service; therefore, their child's SMART tag will not allow transportation to and from school but will still be functional for other uses on campus.

Do all students get smart tags?

However, only those students who qualify for transportation services will be identified as such when using their new SMART tag as they board their assigned bus, including families who live in the Eanes ISD boundaries and children of employees.

Can parents see student ridership?

Yes, the parent can view a student’s ridership activity for the current day or any previous day of the school year, under the activity history. Please note that it may take up to several minutes from a student loading/unloading the bus for SMART tag to update its records due to network connectivity.

What is smart tag?

SMART tag offers a bus ridership program for all elementary and secondary students that monitors where and when students board or disembark a bus. The SMART tag system utilizes passive RFID technology and cloud-connected tablet computers, allowing the District to verify accurate ridership, ensure students only board their designated bus and exit their designated stop, enable the driver to have access to medical emergency information and provide parents notification of an approaching bus.

Is Smart Tag a passive RFID?

No information is stored on the badge. It is a “passive” RFID system, meaning that the cards are dormant and only activate when directly scanned by an electronic reader. The SMART tag system also offers parents a bus tracking feature through a secure Parent Portal.