dynamite gymnastics parent portal

by Mckenzie Corwin 5 min read

What age range is Dynamite gymnastics for?

recreational & team track Dynamite Gymnastics specializes in finding the perfect class for every student of any skill level and age (from 6 months old through adults). We break classes out by age because we understand the importance of socialization.

Where is Dynamite gymnastic center?

We are the original Dynamite Gymnastic Center, located in North Bethesda, Maryland (in the upper level of Randolph Hills Shopping Center near White Flint). We offer a wide range of Artistic and Trampoline & Tumbling gymnastics classes for all ages (starting at 6 months) and abilities.

What classes does visit dynamite2 offer?

visit Dynamite2 Dynamite2 offers classes in preschool, gymnastics, cheer, and tumbling. Classes are offered by age and level, starting with the the basics and providing instruction that meets the needs of every student.

Why choose Dynamix Gymanstics?

At Dynamix Gymanstics we are committed to providing a positive, fun, and challenging environment for our littlest gymnasts to our most advanced! WHAT'S GOING ON AT DYNAMIX?



Parents and athletes need to manage their SportsEngine accounts to ensure they get the most out of their Dynamite Lacrosse experience during each sporting season. With their accounts properly configured, athletes and their families will receive communications according to their preferences and be able to complete registrations more efficiently.


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In many instances, more than one parent or guardian needs to be in the loop with a child's sports life. Using the mobile app, you can add additional guardians to an account. Guardians can 1) View games and events 2) RSVP to games and events 3) Send and receive messages to coaches and team members 4) participate in team chat