district parent portal

by Kadin Muller Jr. 4 min read

What is the parent portal?

Parent Portal is a complete on-line system which allows the parent access to their student’s information including, but not limited to, student schedules, grades, discipline, and attendance. Yearly student information updates are done in the Parent Portal.

How do I update student information in the parent portal?

Yearly student information updates are done in the Parent Portal. Please update contact information and phone numbers for students. If you need to make an address change, you must take your address proofs to the school and they will approve the address.

How do I access the eSchool Parent Portal?

The eSchool Parent Portal is available to parents of students in grades K-12. The URL is Parents/Guardians are auto-enrolled for a parent portal account at the time of registration or are enrolled at the building of enrollment. Parents/Guardians seeking access to the parent portal should reach out to the building of enrollment.

Where is the aeries Parent Portal?

Aeries Parent Portal Information Guide 6061 East Avenue, Etiwanda, CA 91739 (909) 899-2451 (909) 899-1235 The Etiwanda School District is dedicated to promoting high standards in curriculum, instruction, performance and personal behavior.


What grades are in the eSchool portal?

The eSchool Student Portal is available to students in grades 6-12.

What is the phone number for Baldwin Middle School?

Parents of Baldwin Middle School Students: call the guidance office at 516.434.6233. Parents of Baldwin High School Students: call the guidance office at 516.434.6135. Be sure to watch the tutorial above to learn how to register with the eSchool Parent Portal.

What is the parent portal?

All parents have access to Parent Portal to view your child’s attendance history, schedule, grades, manage notifications, and allow you to edit directory information such as email addresses. In order to set up your account and access the Parent Portal for the first time, you will need the Parent Portal letter from your child's school.

How to update contact information on Parent Portal?

Parents have the ability to log into their Parent Portal account and click the Year Round Update link to review and make changes to their contact information. If you don’t already have a ParentPortal account you will have to create one. For information on creating an account go to psd401.net/parent-portal. We ask that all families review the information at least once a year as well as any time they have changes.

What is Peninsula School District?

Peninsula School District encourages parents, guardians and families to be involved and engaged in their child’s education. This page has many resources to help you find your child’s grades, attendance, test scores and much more.

Do students have their own student account?

Note that your student also has a student account that they login to, but it's important for parents to have their own account.

Does PowerSchool have an app?

PowerSchool has an app available for download to your mobile device. The app gives quick access to grades, attendance, etc.

How to access Parentsquare?

You can access through a mobile device through the Aeries App or ParentSquare App or using your computer using the Parent Portal by clicking “Aeries Communications” or using the ParentSquare website if you setup an account from the invitation email.

How many modality options does Parentsquare have?

With providing your phone and or email, you can further choose how you want to be notified in those areas. ParentSquare allows you to set each modality as 1 of 3 options: Instant/Digest/Off.

What Contact Information we use and where?

TUSD uses the “Contacts” area in Aeries to generate contactable numbers and emails to message out to families. Beginning in 19-20, we started one of our Contact Goals to have unique contact information for each parent/guardian. To verify your contact information is correct, please login to your Parent Portal, navigate to “Student Data -> Contacts” to edit your contact information. Direct Link to Contacts in Aeries Parent Portal.

Where to send password reset request to Tustin?

Using your parent email address on file, send password reset request to portalhelp@tustin.k12.ca.us with student name, school and ID#.

What is Tustin USD?

Tustin USD continues to use Aeries Communications as its primary platform to communicate to families. This system will transition to a new look with new features starting on April 30th, 2021. The new looking system will now be under the developer of “ParentSquare”. This system will still allow phone calls, emails, texting, app notifications but also have new integrated features like Survey’s, RSVP signups, and E-signature collection.