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by Emilio Schmeler 10 min read

Why choose Cruickshank middle school?

Cruickshank Middle School serves students living in the Northeast section of Merced. Cultivating productive members of society. Cruickshank commits to student learning, good character, college/career readiness, and serving others.

What can the Parent Portal do for me?

The Parent Portal is also a convenient way to update your student contact and household information online. Parent/Guardian phone numbers and emails will be sent to the SchoolMessenger system for school and district announcements.

What is the focus Parent Portal?

The Focus Parent Portal is a tool designed to enhance communication and involvement in your child's education.

How do I request a Parent Portal account?

At this time, Todd/Spackenkill HS parents and guardians need to request a Parent Portal Account. Please click on the Parent Portal Account Setup Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to request a Parent Portal Account. In order for your registration to be approved, the school district must be able to verify your identity.


What is a normalcy course?

This course is a training course developed by DFPS to provide a greater understanding of the need to ensure an experience of normlacy for children placed in foster care. This course will help you understand the need for children in your care to have a normal living environment. We call this normalcy.

How many hours of training do you need to be a foster parent?

Foster Parent Annual Training Requirements. CK Foster Parents who are licensed to provide foster care services are required to participate in at least 30 hours of training annually. At least 20 of those hours must be from in person, face-to-face training events. This means that you can obtain up 10 hours of non-face-to-face training ...

How many hours of cultural competency training is required for CK foster parents?

CK Foster Parents are required to participate in a minimum of 3 hours of Cultural Competency Training annually. If you participated in this class previously on July 1, 2015 you must do so again on or before July 1, 2016 to remain in good standing.

How many hours of behavior training does CK require?

CK Foster Parents must complete a minimum of 4 hours of behavior management training annually (8 hours if caring for treatment services children). CK currently only accepts behavior management classes that are pre-approved by CK.

Does DFPS require a foster parent to complete abuse and neglect training?

DFPS requires that Foster Parents complete this online abuse and neglect recognition and reporting training at licensure and annually thereafter. Please tap the button below to access the training. Remember to print the certificate at the end of the training and forward it to your CK Case Manager.

When do you have to take behavior management training again?

So if you previously took the training on July 1, 2018, you must behavior management training again on or before July 1, 2019, to remain in good standing. CK Foster Families can access this training by tapping the button below and creating an account with CK University.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal provides you with Internet access to your child’s academic information, including schedules, grades, and attendance for the current academic year. With a Parent Portal account, you are able to view your student’s information at any time with a working Internet connection.

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