cromer high school parent portal

by Alexis Marvin 5 min read

What is Parent Portal?

Parent Portal is parent access to student information. It allows parents to view their student's records in real-time. When a grade or attendance mark has been entered, you'll be able to see it right away.

Why choose Cromer Academy?

We truly believe that the education we offer at Cromer Academy is exceptional – and so is each of our pupils. As a community school, we are able to provide a personalised approach that best meets the needs of each and every individual child. Our ‘family feel’ has been recognised by Ofsted...

How to contact NBSC Cromer Campus?

NBSC Cromer Campus RESPECT: RESPONSIBILITY: SUCCESS. The co-educational comprehensive campus of the Northern Beaches Secondary College T: Telephone02 9981 1155 E: About our school About our school

Where is the school in Cromer NSW?

General enquiries address120 South Creek Road Cromer NSW 2099 telephone02 9981 1155 Get directions CallGet directionsMail Follow us


What is a digital device?

The digital device is usually a Chromebook or an iPad. Family Use Agreement. Student/Family Agreement Card.

What is Chromebook insurance?

Device Protection Plan (Formerly Chromebook Insurance) Device Protection Plan. In an effort to protect families from unknown expenses that may occur from theft or accidental damage while the device is in the care of your student, the district is offering a device protection plan.

What does the device protection plan cover?

If you have questions about the device protection plan, please contact a school administrator. The protection plan covers first accidental damage. Deductibles apply to subsequent claims. The charger and case are not covered by the plan. If your device is stolen, provide evidence that a police report was filed.

What is the infinite campus app?

The Infinite Campus Mobile Portal is an app available for smartphones and tablets. It does not include all of the features listed above, which are found on the Infinite Campus website. The app is best used for attendance and schedule information. You can set up attendance text notifications in the Settings area of the app. Disregard other links in the app, as Schoology is used for assignments and daily grades.

What is seesaw for kids?

Seesaw is a platform used by students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade to demonstrate their learning. Students can take pictures, draw, record videos and more to capture learning in a portfolio. Teachers can also share notes, photos and videos with families.

What is priority message?

Priority messages are messages that are labeled "High Priority" by the person who created the message. Teacher. If given rights by the district or school, teachers can send messages to parents/guardians regarding failing grades and missing assignments. Teachers can also send general announcements.

What is Schoolgy for 4th graders?

Schoolgy is the platform used by students in 4-12th grades for assignments, classroom updates and some calendar events. Families will automatically receive a weekly email summary; you can update this notification setting after you login.

How to return to Schoology account?

Your Account Activity. To return to your Schoology account, click the down-facing arrow and select your account. If you have linked accounts in Schoology, you will see the school associated with each account under your name.

How to contact Care Solace?

Care Solace may also be accessed by: Calling (888) 515-0595 to speak with someone from the Care Solace Concierge team.

What is a schoology?

Schoology (our district’s learning management system) will be the homebase for your classes. Your teachers will communicate to you in their Remote Learning Green Sheet (syllabus) which system they will use. It is possible that you may be using one system for some classes and the other system for other classes.

How to support students in remote learning?

Support your student by setting up a routine together and allowing for variation on how and when your student works. Monitor their stress level, participation in class check-ins, and ability to complete assignments.

Is Care Solace a mental health service?

Care Solace is not an emergency response service or mental health services provider. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1 or visit your nearest hospital emergency room if you can get there safely.

What is the URL of the Parent Portal?

The URL or Web address is Is an email address required to access Parent Portal? Yes. Parent Portal requires a valid email address. Will I need a password?

Can parents see their student's transcripts?

Parents and guardians will have real-time access to view their student's attendance, class assignments, grades, transcripts, class schedules, testing data, contact information, and immunization records. Note that the transcripts available on Parent Portal are not official. Contact the school registrar for official transcripts.