creek valley elementary edina parent portal

by Prof. Gardner Jast V 4 min read

Growing Leaders

Creek Valley staff promote leadership in young students by providing opportunities such as greeting guests, helping at school events, broadcasting daily announcements and leading service projects and assemblies. We celebrate our school families’ diversity – 25% of our students’ have a home primary language other than English.

Join us!

Edina Public Schools is always welcoming new students and their families! Visit the Student Enrollment Center webpage for more information, or call 952-848-4948.

Tour Creek Valley Elementary

Due to district Covid protocols, tours of Creek Valley are temporarily suspended.

Report an absence

If you know in advance that your students will be absent from school for a family vacation, personal matter, athletic event or any reason, please complete the Pre-arranged Absence Form at least five days prior to the absence.

Arrival and Departure

Students may enter the building and proceed to their classrooms when the first bus arrives.

Late Arrivals

Students who arrive late for any reason (except a late bus or safety patrol duty) must have an adult sign them in at the door 1 vestibule. Students should then proceed directly to their classroom. Parents are not allowed to walk their student to the classroom. If a student needs assistance, office staff is available.

Early Dismissal

For excused absences during the day, such as doctor and dental appointments, students should give a written note to their teachers stating the times they are to be excused.